Daddy needs some new shoes

I went to the lovely Taj Mahal this weekend to meet up with some friends for lunch. While I don’t really like to gamble, I will usually spend a few bucks and give my luck a whirl. Stupidly, (and I always fall for them) I dropped 30 bucks on the slot machines. Mostly because I […]

Where’s the beef?

Since our plans to venture into Philly were put on the back burner, we decided to go this past weekend. Our first stop was Geno’s to partake in one of Philly’s more famous eating institutions. The first thing you notice is the immense crowd of people waiting on line for this place and also Pat’s […]

Ms. Pepe LePew

This message is to that pink haired Latina blasting the salsa music in the blue Camry on my way up to work this morning. Look, I’m not sure if your friends have confronted you on this, but in the name of all that is holy, PLEASE calm down a bit on the cheap perfume. I […]