Christmas bells are riiiinging

Continuing this weekend’s events, we decided to go into the city on Sunday to try and get some tickets for Avenue Q. We made our way to the big ol’ booth and found out that Ave Q tickets are not sold there yet, so we decided to go see Rent. Neither Devina or I have ever seen it, but everyone I know (especially her) ranted and raved about that play, so we decided on that. Before we went to the theatre, we needed a bite to eat, so we busted out my Axim armed with Vindigo and found a nearby sushi bar to conquer. Once again, Vindigo’s reviews hit the nail on the head and we wound up loving it there. They weren’t kidding about the restaurant being a part of the cocktail lounge either. It literally is an open-segmented area of a large floor filled with lots of restaurants and bars along the sides. Either way, while the menu is nothing too spectacular, the food was absolutely delicious. It’s definitely recommended by us if you’re ever in the Times Square area and the prices are not too bad for a sushi restaurant in the city.

So, after our lunch/dinner, we ventured off to the Nederlander theatre to go partake in the evening’s festivities. Our seats were on the upper mezzanine and not too shabby, since we had a good view of nearly the entire stage. The play started and it seemed like the music was way too loud in comparison to the actors’ speaking parts, so it was pretty difficult in deciphering what everyone was saying. I didn’t even realize that Melanie Brown (aka Scary Spice, yes, you read it right, Scary Spice of the Spice Girls) was in the production as Mimi and man did she do a kick ass job. She’s also gained a little weight in all of the right places (what a booty!) which made her outfits a lot more appealing, especially on that stairwell dance routine she did ;). Though, I’ll have to admit that the actor who played Angel did an amazing job and we thoroughly loved him, especially in the little Santa outfit (however, the Pussy Galore costume had me bawling with laughter).

Luckily, the sound problems were fixed in the second half of the play and I have to say that Rent was truly an amazing play. Granted, my all time favorite is still Les Miserables, this one is definitely my second favorite play out of the few I have seen. I’ll definitely have to watch it again soon and hopefully with Jai Rodriguez cast as Angel.

Walking buzzed

This past weekend was a pretty eventful one for Devina and I. On Saturday, we went to Waterloo Village for a New Jersey wine maker’s tasting event. When I was really young, (probably 10-12) I went to Waterloo Village on a field trip and remember it being a lot of fun. Going this time however, the place looked pretty run down and old which is a shame because it’s a nice area to walk around in and enjoy some scenery. As for the wine growers presenting their offerings, needless to say, Jersey doesn’t quite cut it with wines when compared to let’s say California. Heck, I had a Long Island wine once that was much better than most of the stuff presented at Waterloo. That’s not to say however that there weren’t any good wines though. Both Cape May and Cream Ridge wineries made very good cabernet sauvignon wines with Cream Ridge making a better one in my opinion. Cream Ridge also made a really kick ass raspberry fruit wine that almost all of the ladies raved about. Alba Vineyards made a very very tasty port (along with their Vidal Blanc) that I found myself sneaking back in line quite a few times for. However, the absolute best wine I tasted at the event was a rather pricey Cynthiana wine by the Valenzano Winery. I’m not sure what exactly it is, but man was it scrumptious… However at the price they sell it for, I would save it for a pretty special occasion. If it sells for 30 bucks on the street, I think it’ll get marked up to 90 bucks a bottle in a restaurant here in Jersey (I believe liquor is marked up 300%) right? Either way, that was actually the last wine stand I visited, so it was good that I saved the best for last. Afterwards, we just walked around on that beautiful day to get rid of the buzz, had some tasty terikayi pork shish ke bobs and headed back home. Oddly enough the exit for the event was littered with cops probably looking to make a quick buck for the township…

Why did the

Turkey try to cross the road?

When Turkeys Go Wild!To try and avoid my car of course. However, this fateful morning the poor little guy or girl lost. As I was driving into work, the kamikaze turkey felt the need to cross paths with my car as I was doing around 50mph on my way to work this morning.

I was also getting a whole mess of weird looks from other drivers and pedestrians that I drove by this morning. So, I figured that there must have been a dent on my bumper from the impact of the hit. When I parked the car, I went to the front of the car and saw that. Man, I sure hope the poor thing died quickly… Hope it’s not a sign of bad things to come today. 🙁

San Francisco days

Dave’s going to be a lonely guy this week. 🙁

I dropped Devina off at the airport this morning because she’s on her way to sunny San Francisco for a business trip until Friday or possibly sometime next week. We were both sad when we said goodbye, but she’s got a whole new city to explore when she lands.

I just got off the phone with the concierge at the hotel where she is staying at for the week. I had him order a nice bouquet of lilies and irises (plus any extras that would go well with that arrangement) to be placed into her room before she arrives. I figured that would brighten her spirits when she lets her weary self into her hotel room. 🙂

Hopefully she won’t read this site before she gets into her room. Since Frisco is supposed to be a hotbed of wireless hotspots, I showed her how to connect her PocketPC to a wireless network outside of our apartment.

That would totally kill the surprise…