Walking buzzed

This past weekend was a pretty eventful one for Devina and I. On Saturday, we went to Waterloo Village for a New Jersey wine maker’s tasting event. When I was really young, (probably 10-12) I went to Waterloo Village on a field trip and remember it being a lot of fun. Going this time however, […]

Why did the

Turkey try to cross the road? To try and avoid my car of course. However, this fateful morning the poor little guy or girl lost. As I was driving into work, the kamikaze turkey felt the need to cross paths with my car as I was doing around 50mph on my way to work this […]

San Francisco days

Dave’s going to be a lonely guy this week. 🙁 I dropped Devina off at the airport this morning because she’s on her way to sunny San Francisco for a business trip until Friday or possibly sometime next week. We were both sad when we said goodbye, but she’s got a whole new city to […]