Fucking spammers

Ugh… Just got 35 comments in from some asshat peddling a titty site. It’s been going on for roughly 2 months with differing people and different sites. It’s been going on to other web sites (David, Richard, Neil and Jay to name a few) and guest books as well. When they hit, I usually immediately […]

Slow rebuilds?

Hmmmm. I had to make a small change to a few of the templates and then subsequently rebuilt the site to make the changes active. With a little over 200 entries and a little over 500 comments to trudge through, it took seven minutes from start to finish to complete. Does that seem normal to […]

Holy MT errors batman

Hmmm, Things have run amok here in lascivious land. I’m not getting any comments notifications in e-mail, nor are any new comments showing up. Specifically not in the “Recent Comments” section, nor in the entry header area. Unless that is, I do a full rebuild. Grrrrr… Anyone ever run into this puzzling dilema? Time to […]

Back in the saddle again

Ahhh, that was an interesting few days or so. I am planning to ditch my old machine and have joined up with a friend on his new server. The was mostly done because of cost issues, but also because this new machine here is freaggin fast as hell. 🙂 As for my hostees… You’re eventually […]