A sphincter says what?

Apologies to all this morning. It seems this server sort of hiccuped a bit and started giving me grief. After too long of a reboot, I called in the fine folks at Ev1Servers to figure out why my baby was misbehaving so. After some coddling, positive reinforcement and the threat of a sledge hammer’s wrath, […]

XFN nation

I have noticed that this blog has taken a rather technical viewpoint lately and I promise I’ll get back to my usual banter after this next post. I finally got around to editing my “100+ things about me” list to reflect the more recent changes in my life. Eventually, I have to add more to […]


All fixed. 🙂 Turns out all I had to do was get rid of the middle #content DIV, add ‘float: left’ to the #blog DIV and it was all fixed. The tricky part was getting the footer to work properly which was fixed with an addition of a ‘clear: both’ to that #footer DIV. Now […]