Sippin’ on gin ‘n juice

There’s nothing better than blog fodder. Seriously!

For instance like the wealth of information one can find on wonderful sites like MetaFilter. I was making my daily rounds through MeFi and happened to find some more Gordon Ramsey goodness (yay for Hell’s Kitchen starting in a couple of weeks!), a rather gory new trailer for Rambo 4 (yes, the man does not know when to end a character) and the be all of all things fascinating, BDSM for the discerning Christian, complete with sexy crotch less pantaloons! I won’t go anymore into this little find, but I am sure you’ll have a hoot learning how to control your mate with a firm hand and a bare backside.

Other than those marvelous finds today, this weekend’s been rather blah for me since I’ve been working most of it. All in all it hasn’t been that bad since it’s work that’s been needing to be done for the last month or so. The highlight last night was Tasha giving me a drunken phone call after her and her husband got out of dinner at PF Chang’s. I forgot how hilariously cute she sounds when she’s blitzed off her ass. It’s a shame I had to hang up early to continue working because I’d have been dying of laughter by night’s end, or until she passed out.

The chickie’s been in England since last week (grrrr) on business and yesterday she was in Amsterdam (waaaah!) so she’s telling me all about it now via IM. Definitely going to need to go there one of these days.

Anyway, I got a new web cam today so the cam chats will be plentiful again with the IM buddies in the near future. I also found a great pair of Florsheim shoes for a decent price over at the local Marshall’s. So from now on my feet will be water free when it happens to rain on my way to work, huzzah! As some of you may remember, I’m not fond of my feet getting wet outside of the bathtub, so this is a very good thing.

Alrighty, enough of the update. I’m off to watch a movie one of my work friends loaned me last Friday.

Music makes the world go round

Small image of Shirley MansonYou know I forgot how hot the lead singer of Garbage, Shirley Manson is. Is that band even still around or did they, like many of those old great bands of the 90s, just split up or call it quits? I was chatting with one of my friends recently about how I just can’t get into most of today’s “rock” bands because there’s just something missing with them to me. Who knows, it might just be old age talking here but when listening to the local rock stations, I can’t believe how whiny most of today’s crap is. Sure, some of it is halfway decent, but when compared with something like:

Tell me she wouldn’t make a pretty good Bond girl with that awesome retro look of hers!

I don’t know… Things today just seem so lacking. Eh well, I’ll just continue trolling YouTube for some of my old faves of that decade and share some of them with you.

Bashing Pesci’s head in

Every once in a while I have rather odd dreams. Take for example, the funky one I blogged about some time ago. Yesterday I had one that probably wouldn’t top that one, but it’s just as funky.

So I’m hanging out with Devina at one of her friend’s houses. I’m not sure which friend of hers, but a friend who was throwing a barbecue nonetheless. The party is going pretty well and we’re all getting smashed drinking martinis and eating Sabrett’s hotdogs. Yeah, that mix kind of nauseates me now that I think about it, however we all were raving about how great the hot dogs were in the dream. Out of nowhere bugles blast and in walks David Boreanaz of Angel fame wearing those medieval outfits of the guys who blow the bugles that signal when important people come in. He grabs his bugle and starts playing that introduction song and in walks Joe Pesci, Robert Deniro and Andre the Giant all dress in badda bing gangster outfits. David then drops to the floor, kneels and scurries off to the hamburger area where he starts wolfing down some burgers.

Everyone in the party then starts gathering around the mafioso trio and starts kissing pinky rings like you wouldn’t believe. Devina then schmoozes her way towards DeNiro (hmmph, figures…) and they start chattin’ it up and she’s hanging all over him. The party then moves into the living room where I’m there chattin’ with Andre and some cheerleader. Devina is nestled in one corner with Bobby D talking up a storm when Pesci creeps over and starts making the moves on her. She tries to shoo him away but he’s quite persistent in trying to hook up with her. DeNiro sees this and gets up to go find another girl in the party and Andre stops talking with me and proceeds to sit in the chair where Deniro sat to keep Devina from running away. I see this and start getting upset that Pesci isn’t taking the hint.

Then for some unknown reason, the cheerleader stands up on the sofa and starts doing a cheer for Pesci and then proceeds to sit on my shoulders straddling my neck (kind of how people play chicken in a swimming pool) while continuing the cheering. I’m totally pissed off at this point and start yelling at Pesci to back off or I’ll take care of him. Andre sees this and starts laughing his ass off so bad that he starts to pee his pants. He then gets up in embarrassment and runs to the bathroom all while Pesci is still acting all “Mr. Octupus” like with Devina. So I get up, with the cheerleader still sitting on my neck cheering, and walk over to a dresser and open up the top drawer. In there is a very old bottle of Dom and I grab it. I walked over to Pesci and told him to back off and proceed to bash his head with the bottle. I hit him once and he was stunned, then hit him again and he was knocked out and finally smacked him a third time which broke the bottle on his head. I placed the busted bottle back into the dresser drawer and grabbed Devina and started to walk out with the girl still cheering on my neck…

Then I woke up.

Mind you I ate nothing weird last night except for a spinach salad and some freshly backed cookies. Why can’t I have dreams like this every night?

Attack of the wimpy bugs

Holy shit! Have you guys seen the size of those cicadas that are due out now? I just saw a few while leaving work and they are the size of freaggin mouse! Damn those things are huge. It’s a good thing they don’t bite or bother people much because I’d hate walking through a field of them swarming all over me. Normally I’m not afraid of any bugs, but those things definitely look quite menacing with those blood red eyes. *shudder*