Sippin’ on gin ‘n juice

There’s nothing better than blog fodder. Seriously! For instance like the wealth of information one can find on wonderful sites like MetaFilter. I was making my daily rounds through MeFi and happened to find some more Gordon Ramsey goodness (yay for Hell’s Kitchen starting in a couple of weeks!), a rather gory new trailer for […]

Music makes the world go round

You know I forgot how hot the lead singer of Garbage, Shirley Manson is. Is that band even still around or did they, like many of those old great bands of the 90s, just split up or call it quits? I was chatting with one of my friends recently about how I just can’t get […]

Bashing Pesci’s head in

Every once in a while I have rather odd dreams. Take for example, the funky one I blogged about some time ago. Yesterday I had one that probably wouldn’t top that one, but it’s just as funky. So I’m hanging out with Devina at one of her friend’s houses. I’m not sure which friend of […]

Attack of the wimpy bugs

Holy shit! Have you guys seen the size of those cicadas that are due out now? I just saw a few while leaving work and they are the size of freaggin mouse! Damn those things are huge. It’s a good thing they don’t bite or bother people much because I’d hate walking through a field […]