Ten down, how many more next?

So, this sick bastard has gunned his tenth victim now. This time it was at another Exxon station (I bet their stocks are dropping like crazy now) and there was a state trooper in the area who heard the shot. I really hope they catch this sick fuck soon, though, I have a horrible feeling he’s going to tally up many more innocent victims before he is caught.

We were talking about it here at work and our feelings are that this is one very (though extremely sick) well-trained person committing these atrocious acts. I’d place money on the fact that the shooter have some advanced military training under his belt. I mean to shoot someone at night from 150 yards away (his 6th or 7th I believe) has to involve some sort of advanced night-vision equipment right? They were all single shot kills and the fact that he gets away so quickly makes me think this person was actually some sort of sharp shooter in the military. He’s probably the type of guy brought in to assassinate someone and get the hell out of the area before the enemies make minced meat out of him.

We all think there’s a pattern in his killings as well, it’s just not obvious yet. You know this sicko is camping out in a spot for at least a few hours before he decides who to shoot. I really do not believe he’ll just pull over to the side of the road and randomly pop a cap into someone. Why? Well, because he would have already been caught since that is too risky a move to perform. I think this guy knows where he is going next, settles down there for a good amount of time, waits for the perfect moment and takes out the poor unsuspecting soul who just happens to show up in his scope’s sight. This way he can also plan a fast getaway to avoid being captured or noticed by people. Sure, there’s been a white mini-van seen in the general vicinity, but do you really think this is how they are going to catch him? I doubt it. He’s not stupid enough to get caught in a vehicle everyone is looking out for.

This is something no one needs to live through with the current state of affairs (like this stupid Iraq thing). Hey Mr. Bush, your citizens are quite literally being killed in your own backyard. How’s about we focus on the more important things like that than your silly little playground fight with Iraq??

The sick state of today’s music

Here’s something that’s been bugging me as of late with regards to today’s piss poor selection of “music”. We have our Britneys and the wannabes, Linkin Parks and the wannabes, Creed and the wannabes, Jay-Z and their wannabes. Hell, even a decent ska band like No Doubt has gone towards the sickening-poppy-teeny rock route and away from their core roots of big-band-punk-funk laden music. Who is to blame for all this?

Do we blame the artist themselves for their lack of talent? Most importantly, do we blame them for disregarding their roots (if they hand any to begin with) and following an ill-conceived formula to get their bland and talentless music out to us? Granted, there are some good artists out there who have some real talent like India Arie who can actually create some magnificent music and (*gasp*) play a real instrument, they are far and few between.

Do we blame the media and most notably, the joke that has become MTV, who makes and breaks artists simply to fuel their teenage viewer ratings? I know this may make me sound old, but shit, I can remember when it was nothing but videos. Headbanger’s Ball, Yo MTV Raps, all music all the time. Nowadays, you have to wait after the 29 re-runs of Real Shit (err, World) to see the latest offering from the female R and B artist of the week who’s collaborating with the “artist” formally known as Puff Daddy and that midget Ja-Rule kid with the constipated wannabe Barry White voice. It’s a damn shame I tell you.

Do we blame the record companies who continually force feed the music we listen to, making clones and clones of artists just to make a buck? After Britney hit the scenes, how many similar looking young hot blondes flooded the market? They don’t need anyone who can sing anymore. Just get a decent looking girl, get her some breast enhancements, slap on the makeup and put on some tiny ass outfit to further contaminate the horrific image of false beauty todays teenage girls today want to emulate.

Oh what? Singing abilities?? Who cares… They have enough effects to make a 89 year old grandmother who smoked 20 packs a day for 25 years sound like Aretha Franklin at 21 if they needed to. Musical writing ability? Shiiiit, they don’t even know how to spell Jack. We’ll just swipe (oh wait, the correct term is “sample”) an old song from the 80’s and remake it so that no one can really tell who did the original. Need proof, how many kids did you know who thought Puff Daddy created that snazzy bass riff from “Every Breath You take” by the Police? Personally, I knew 10.

They each got slapped so hard, their mommas felt it. Then I bought them a Greatest Hits of Police CD and showed them what real music sounds like…

Now the music companies are complaining of losing millions and millions of dollars because of the evils of file sharing. Here’s a clue folks, if you didn’t put out such crappy CD’s with even lesser talent behind it, then more of us would buy your product.

Not just for the 2 tracks that are being overplayed on the radio mind you…

I would gladly pay the overinflated price of a CD if I liked the entire thing. Why should I give them my hard earned money just so that this artist can continually produce crap that is not worthy enough to be called crap? If I like one song from their 14-18 tracks, why am I going to spend my money for it? I’d rather download it, listen to it a few times and delete it when it gets boring.

Now, most importantly, do we blame the music buying public?

I mean it really is us that buys these CD’s…
It is us that goes to the concerts…
It is us that requests the same song to be played 10 times a day on every radio station at the same time…

Ay, there’s the rub.

Makes ya think eh?

I *hate* highway rest stops

You know sometimes I really hate how much assholes closet cases can be…

Yesterday I am on my way back from hanging out at Devina’s and I feel some rumblin’ down there (that’s as graphic as I will get with you with regards to excretory matters). Since I am quite a bit way’s from home I decide to stop at a rest stop near exit 172 off the Garden State Parkway. This restroom is fairly decent for a rest stop bathroom, tons of stalls separated into two sections and it’s very clean and it actually smells like potpourri in there (weird eh?). So like most men, I find myself an empty area and take care of business (of course I’ll spare you the gory details). Men come in and do what they have to do and leave just like any normal run of the mill restroom. All of a sudden, some guy comes in and happens to start to use the urinal right in front of me. Normally, this is not an issue so I continue my normal thing. It starts getting weird when the guy actually turns around to look at me right in the stall (I don’t know why but there’s always a small area between the door and the frame where you can actually see right into most stalls) for a good 5-10 seconds. I noticed this when I got that weird “oh shit someone’s looking at me” feeling, so I look directly at his Boston Red Sox cap, red shirt and jeans wearing ass and he gets scared and turns back around to do what he’s doing.

A good two or three very uncomfortable minutes pass by and this guy is still there (christ! No guy takes that long to pee), so I look up again and guess what?? The fucker’s still peeping into my stall yet again. At this point I am finished but am not moving because this guy is completely freaking me out now. I look dead at him again and ask “What the f**k are you looking at assh*le!” to which point he turns back around. Another half a minute passes by and the bastard has the audacity to get into the stall next to me to do something not bathroom related. Completely disgusted and enraged, I promptly get up and proceed to leave as quickly as possible. I go outside, notice a Camry with a woman and three young kids parked several cars from me, and promptly get into my car. I start to pull away only to notice that butt wipe getting into that car and then pulling away too… I slow down and pull over to the side as his car slowly drives by. I stare at the guy as he is looking at me. When he realizes who it is, he starts to turn away in embarrassment just as I flip the middle finger at him mouthing something I’d rather not repeat. Needless to say I’d love to see how he explains this to his wife. Ugh! The nerve of some people… Can’t even relieve yourself in public without getting harassed. What a sad sad world we live in!

Fortunately, that was the only weird thing that happened to me this otherwise relaxing weekend. If you notice there’s a new web cam shot up with me holding my cell phone with the new face plate I installed yesterday. It’s a very cool and fuzzy black velvet face plate replacing the old and worn out purple one that was in it’s place. It’s a sweet looking thing but what sucks is that it really attracts dust and threads so it’s a bitch to keep clean.

One other thing… I seem to be getting rather horrible image quality from my QuickCam web cam, so I will be hunting for a decent one this coming weekend at the computer show at Raritan Center in Edison. Does anyone recommend a really good one or is this pretty much the best image quality I will receive in a web cam? I don’t care about those types of cameras that also double as a regular digital cam because I already own a Canon S110 which suits me perfectly so if any of you can recommend a sweet one, just drop a comment. 🙂

New cd today too! 🙂 Nice and clubby check it out and lemme know whatcha think.

  • Deelite – Groove is in the Heart (Armand van Helden remix)
  • Modjo – Lady (Hear me Tonight)
  • Stardust – The Music Sounds Better with You
  • Delerium (feat Sarah McLachlan) – Silence (DJ Tiesto remix)
  • Daft Punk – Around the World
  • Red Alert – Basement Jaxx
  • Amber – Sexual (Thunderpuss remix)
  • Groove Armada – I See You Baby (Fatboy Slim remix)
  • Darude – Sandstorm
  • Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400 (Dave Clarke remix)
  • Sneaker Pimps – Spin Spin Sugar (remix)

*cough* *cough*

Jennifer was posting about this super cool new gallery program she was installing, so I decided to check it out and install it on my server… Wow! This program really kicks ass! It’s much better than anything I have seen out there and probably better than anything I could have created myself. Now I gotta take my camera out more often on my trips and stuff…

Ugh… You know this whole Enron thing is such a tragic shame. I’m reading this article and I remembered a conversation I had with Devina last week after that exec blew his brains out. We were both talking about how sad it was that so many people lost their livelihood, but at the same time, some people just didn’t know enough to protect themselves from all this happening in the first place. Now I’m only talking about the unfortunate souls who lost most of their 401k money. From what we gathered, a lot of these people invested ridiculous percentages of their 401k towards Enron itself. Now having some pride in your company is one thing, but investing close to 80% of your 401k is just ludicrous! I don’t care how good a company is doing, you do not put that much money into such a volatile market and expect not to lose it all at the drop of a hat. For those of ya who do not know what a 401k plan is, take a gander over here… It explains it much better than I ever could. So anyways, you select a bunch of funds you want to invest in (diversification) and it gets all taken care of for you. You get statements every few months or so and it tells you how these funds are doing and what’s going on with your money… If one fund sucks ass you simply change the percentages around or just stop contributing to it and dump it elsewhere. You lose a little bit of money but it’s a manageable amount, thus you learn your lesson and move on… It even says to diversify your money broadly when you sign up for a 401k plan. Now some of these Enron employees just blindly put a huge chunk of their money into the company’s funds and through all this mess, they lost it all. Do I feel sorry for these people, yes and no. I feel sorry for them because many of these workers had families that they have to feed, clothe and put a roof over their head, so now they are struggling just to make a living. On the other hand, I don’t feel sorry for them because common sense dictates that you never put all your eggs in one basket because you will never know what happens later. A mean ol’ weasel could just come by and scoop it all away leaving you with nothing. These people learned a very valuable and extremely harsh lesson about finance… I really doubt this law suit will yield anything more than just another headache in this whole shameful incident.

I completely forgot where I found this link from, but I just came up on it today… This girl is a crack up! 🙂 And her blog is quite the interesting one indeed… Check it out. 🙂 I like the whole dual thing going on there…