Grrrrreat! Not only are those low life telemarketing spammer fucks making our home lives a living hell but now I just got a comment from one of them on this site. Hey IP address which just so happens to be at and is pingable. dave @ host : ~> ping PING […]

What food does this go with?

What some people will create just to make a buck. Germany protests Italian wine labeled with Hitler images On my way home from work today, the radio hosts I listen to were discussing this particular topic because there are some importers interested in bringing these wines into Jersey. While, I am very much for capitalism […]

Church of the poisoned mind

The Catholic religion’s ridiculous and hypocritical stance on homosexuality is pretty well-known. Now it seems that those wild and zany Vaticanites have finally gone over the edge now. Vatican glossary angers gay groups The Vatican released a new glossary of sexual terms on Monday that describes homosexuality as a condition “without any social value,” and […]