GMail debacle

Remember that thing about me posting too much techy stuff? Eh well, I figured I could squeeze in one more without anyone minding too much.

I am so sick and tired over the fiasco about Google’s GMail. These people protesting about the “privacy” issues, do they have absolutely nothing better to do with their lives? Sure, some people might not agree to having their e-mail scanned for the purposes of showing advertisements, but hey guess what?


Now is that too difficult to understand? It’s like the people who don’t like Stern. Just turn off the radio or switch to another station or something.

If you find the terms of service unacceptable, simply refrain from having to do anything with it. Hey guess what, if you work in an office with an e-mail system, chances are your e-mail is already being scanned. Spam filters look at the text of your messages for certain words and phrases and get tagged as spam. Content filters look for phrases and text that are not allowed because of policy restrictions, such as that dirty message you’re sending to your significant other. Then the system administrator keeps track of it for “future use.” If they backup data at your job, your messages are archived for a very long time and can be restored at any time. Especially when they are looking for documentation to fire you. Hell, if your company uses Exchange (greater than 5.5), that naughty e-mail message you deleted today will still show up in the backup tapes for quite a long time. Get into your Deleted Items folder, go under Tools and select “Recover Deleted Items” and see the messages you thought were gone… Guess what? That gets backed up too. I’m not sure about other server products, but chances are there’s similar technology in each of those as well. Let’s not even talk about web surfing and what gets tracked and read.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. If Google can actually pull something like this off, I’d be very impressed. How in the world they can offer that much space for the amount of people that would sign up for it is beyond me. I mean how much storage space would they have? Petabytes? What’s after a petabyte anyway?

Would I sign up for it? Probably not. I barely keep a megabyte’s worth of e-mail in my mailboxes at all times, let alone trying to fill 1 gigabyte’s worth of mail. However, if I did need that much e-mail space, I’d sign up for it in a heartbeat.

If you have a problem with the terms of their service simply don’t use it.

Why him?

Ok, is this not one of the more fucked up stories of the day?

Police Probe ‘Assault’ on Scientist Stephen Hawking

I must admit that I have always wondered if Mr Hawking had never contracted Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, would he still have been the brilliant person that he is now? I was watching a television special the other night about the more famous scientists in our history and naturally, they discussed him. I never knew that he performs all of his calculations in his head and I’m talking the shit that will make astrophysicists lease time on a computer to perform. He just sifts through numerous calculations in his head checking them over a few times… That totally blew my mind.

Either way, it makes you think about the type of person that would hurt an individual confined to a wheelchair for the rest of their lives. I’m a firm believer that certain people should be sterilized so that they wouldn’t contaminate out species with more idiots. This person(s) definitely belongs in this class of low lives.

Funeral processions should be illegal

They really should. I just spent an extra 40 minutes on the road this morning on my way to work because an excessively long funeral procession was making it’s way through one of the most heavily traveled (and single-laned) roads in my area, during RUSH HOUR for christ’s sake! No kidding this choo choo train of mourners was at the very least 29 cars long and I stopped counting because I could not see that far ahead. If I were to venture a guess, there must have been an extra 10 cars in that pack. Now, I’m all for respecting the dead and all, but a lot of these funeral processions need to exercise more tact and common courtesy when they’re out on the road.

For one, don’t do it during the middle of rush hour. What assclown plans a funeral procession during rush hour? I mean, the roads are bad enough as it is with everyone trying to get to work on time, we don’t need people driving 1/10th of the posted speed limit causing an unnecessary delay on our way to work. At the very least, if you’re going to create this disturbance in the normal flow of traffic, please get a little closer to the speed limit and do it during a time when there are much less drivers on the road.

Is there a reason for driving at a turtle’s pace during one of these things anyway? I remember one year, there was a massive procession going up Route 1 and no kidding, it took 15 minutes for all of the cars to cross the highway. The traffic backup was disgusting and grew to miles upon miles long.

If the laws concerning this were up to me, I’d do the following:

  1. You must drive during non-rush hour times, both morning and evening.
  2. You must obey the speed limit.
  3. No more than 10 cars should be allowed to participate in the procession.
  4. You must travel on multi-laned roads and stick all the way to the slow lane. If you must travel on one-laned highways (yes, we have tons of those in Jersey), use the shoulder.

I feel pretty bad that a group of people had to bury a dear friend, but is a little common courtesy for your fellow drivers too much to ask for?

This is not a baseball team

While I was driving back home today from picking up a couple of boxes of contact lenses, I was listening to my usual radio show. One of the hosts was talking about the aftermath of this whole situation and what the poor guy is going through now. Apparently, this host is pretty good friends with one of the sports writers of the Sun Times, and the word is that this guy is now facing numerous death threats against him and his family.

If that wasn’t enough, the brilliant “journalists” at the Times felt the need to give out the gentleman’s name, address, work address, where he went to high school and which little league team he coaches.

I completely agree with Kim and feel like he did exactly what any other fan would do in the same situation. If I’m not mistaken, there were quite a few other fans reaching for that same ball. One of them seemed to be a very young kid, probably 10-13 years old. What if he caught it? Would the asshat fans throw beer and spit at him as well?

The fact is that the Cubs blew a three run lead in the late innings big time. Even one of the best defensive players bungled a play that any little leaguer could execute with ease. Let’s not forget Moises Alou, who acted like a spoiled brat by throwing that tantrum and yelling at the fan after he didn’t get to that fated ball.

A fan is not to blame for a team that can’t hold onto a lead. The team miserably blew it back in ’84 or ’85, they blew it in Game 1 of this series and I wouldn’t be surprised if they blow tonight’s game. The only reason I would like for the Cubs to win tonight is so that they won’t blame their ineptitude on a poor fan who only did what came naturally to him.

That team does not deserve to be in the World Series

UPDATE: I think Wil said it perfectly.