Charlie rocks!

I think I am going to name my first born kid Charlie, after my new mechanic. For the second time in a row, he has saved me a buttload of moolah. The first time was a few weeks ago when I thought I very badly needed a tune-up done on my Tera. I also needed […]

I know Kung Fu

And how was your weekend? Granted it’s been raining here in Jersey non-stop this entire Memorial Day weekend, it has been a pretty good one so far. Finally got the chance to see the ‘rents. My brother, Al, and Devina each came up to my job to pick out some eyeglass frames for themselves before […]

Puff puff GIVE

This year Easter happens to fall on a much more fun holiday well known to most people who choose to partake in the smoking of the funky green stuff. Yes folks, 420 day is right around the corner. A momentous occasion where young and old alike run around giggling their asses off with a bad […]