Charlie rocks!

I think I am going to name my first born kid Charlie, after my new mechanic.

For the second time in a row, he has saved me a buttload of moolah.

The first time was a few weeks ago when I thought I very badly needed a tune-up done on my Tera. I also needed some new tires and rims I brought from TireRack slapped on. I brought my car to him at the suggestion of a few people here at work and the positive reviews on I left my car with him and a few hours later he told me that all I needed was just a new fuel filter and that’s it. A 100 dollar job was all that I needed done to the car to get it running good as new. My dealer told me that at the mileage I was at, I needed to get all of my belts replaced, this flush and filled, fluids exchanged, new plugs, yadda yadda yadda which was going to run a me a grand total of 1200 smackeroos. They didn’t care that I just had an oil change or a radiator flush and fill the week before or that I had a transmission fluid exchange a month before. It would all get redone and I’d have to fork over a big wad o’ cash to have a tune up done. Needless to say, when Charlie told me it would only run me a hunny and all I needed was the fuel filter, I nearly crapped my pants with glee.

This past weekend, I noticed that my brakes started to squeal a little loudly so I figured I’d bring in my car today to have some brake work done. I was hoping I only needed new brake pads because that would have been a very small bill compared to let’s say getting new rotors or something. I brought in the car, Charlie went through a check list of questions with regards to the brakes and sent me on my way to work.

I just called him and asked him about the car.

He told me nothing needed to be done with my brakes. The front pads are almost 100% new and the rear brakes are about 60% new and that I did not need brake work done for quite a while. Apparently the squealing noise is being caused by the material that they are made from and it’s absolutely nothing to be worried about. He’s guessing that when I got the car, they replaced the brakes when they sold it to me, but used generic brake pads which tend to get noisy every once in a while.

So he’s giving me the oil change that I am overdue on…

You know, it really sucks ass that he’s located close to here because when I finally do leave this place I’m going to have to travel 80 miles to have him work on my car. Then again with the track record so far, it’s worth it. An honest and good mechanic is so hard to find…

And so it begins

The move went as well as I expected and no, I didn’t see anything but a lot of people picking their nose on my drive down to the new spot in the big ol’ truck. Luckily, we decided to move on the best day last week weather-wise. It was a decent upper 70’s, low 80’s type of day without any humidity in sight. I managed to nab my little brother to help me with the large stuff and we got all of the stuff we needed to get done on Saturday. Sunday through yesterday basically was spent cleaning up the old place and moving the little things to our new humble abode.

The more I am there, the more I like the new place we call home now. It’s a great deal smaller than our old place which will be the biggest adjustment we have to get used to about the new place. The benefits far outweigh the space issue though. It’s really quiet there which makes us feel much more at ease and safer in general. The neighbors seem very respectful of each other and the property. There are pets everywhere being walked and no dog poop on the lawns. The laundromat is across the parking lot, there’s a tennis court and pool a little distance away as well. We get a nice balcony all to ourselves (we had to share it in the old place with a bunch of loud ass kids) for barbecues and stuff. Luckily, since Ada lives near me, she showed me where the fastest way to get to the Turnpike is and it only adds roughly 20-30 minutes to my commute which is a lot better than doing the dreaded Route 1 commute I thought I would have to face.

I’ll have to post pictures of the new place once we get it all fixed up.

I know Kung Fu

And how was your weekend?

Granted it’s been raining here in Jersey non-stop this entire Memorial Day weekend, it has been a pretty good one so far. Finally got the chance to see the ‘rents. My brother, Al, and Devina each came up to my job to pick out some eyeglass frames for themselves before the company closes shop this Friday.

It’s pouring pretty damn hard outside and it’s about to get better.

Devina and I are catching the matinees of the new Matrix and X-Men flicks. She never got to see the first X Men, so I borrowed the DVD from my brother and brought it down here to have her check it out. She dug it and now she knows some of the background when it comes time to see the new flick which I hear is supposed to be better than the first. However, I also heard they strayed from the comic book with some liberties they took. She may not mind, but I’m keeping a watchful eye on this movie…

Hopefully we’ll have a nice empty theatre all to ourselves with all of this rain coming down.

Puff puff GIVE

This year Easter happens to fall on a much more fun holiday well known to most people who choose to partake in the smoking of the funky green stuff.

Yes folks, 420 day is right around the corner.

A momentous occasion where young and old alike run around giggling their asses off with a bad case of the cotton mouth all asking that elusive question:

“Yo, you have anything to eat??”