Happy happy birthday


She doesn’t know I am doing this, but you may want to send some nice birthday wishes to my sweetie. Don’t tell her I told you… 😉

I see skylights

Today at work I moved to a new office which is always a nice thing when it’s a step up. I actually had my own office before, but it was also full of computer parts and was used partly for storage. I really did not mind the office, but the lack of a window (natural light) was starting to give me some headaches. We recently lost someone in our department, so there was an unused desk in a shared office with a nice and big window overlooking the property. I slyly made my inquiries early last week and today I moved into the new section of a 2 person office that I will call home from this point on.

The new desk I have is HUGE!

I have always been accustomed to small desks and have adjusted my work lifestyle accordingly. However, now it’s all thrown out the window and I do not know what to do with the extra space. Below is a snapshot I took of the new desk and if you notice all of the way to the right, there are a bunch of papers and magazines. I actually placed all of those things there to make the desktop look less barren. I didn’t want people to think I didn’t have any work to do right? 😉

Click for larger image

So, what do you think I should do decorating wise with the new space?

Slice of heaven

Devina called me up giddy as hell about the flowers earlier today and she liked the chocolate truffles I included. She told me she took pics of everything because there’s no way she could take it back home with her. Apparently, the bouquet is the size of a small tropical forest…

Anyway, she’s in love with San Francisco and we’re making plans to go out there once I get a new job and some vacation time. Apparently, she’s very close to a few museums and some really large mall which she checked out today. However, it seems the food at the hotel where she is at is very expensive and not worth the price… Oh well, I’m sure her peers at the Frisco office will show her the good local dives.

Meanwhile back on the home front, I just took a shower and opened the bedroom window with the fan blowing in at a low speed. I’m checking today’s news and blogs while watching the pilot episode of The X-Files. It’s a very comforting 45 degrees in this bedroom and I’m snuggled under a comforter sipping some Earl Grey.

Man I love Autumn.

Seven-six-two millimeter. Full metal jacket.

It was a pretty cool weekend in our neck of the woods. We did a bunch of shopping, went to a couple of restaurants and were going to play some tennis on the really nice day (was it Sunday?) but the damn courts were all filled up near us. So, we opted to go to the local Dick’s sport shop (what a dumb ass name) and get our rackets re-strung. I haven’t done it since last year so it wasn’t bad since I do not play a lot. However, Devina’s racket hasn’t been re-strung in many years, so I figured we could bring some new life into that racket.

We had made plans to venture into Philly on Monday, but it was rainy so we didn’t go there. We were watching TV the night before and saw a special on Philly cheese steaks and I wanted to try each of the supposed best eateries down there to decide for myself who makes the better one. I think one was called Pats’s and the other Geno’s. The only problem was that we have no clue where those establishments are. I saw a sign for 9th street in the special and I know where 9th is, so when we do venture into Philly, I’ll just drive up or down the street until we find it.

Other than that, I finally got my haircut as well. However, this time I decided to shave it down all the way. It’s not a complete Telly Savalas look however. I may actually go all the way in a couple of weeks depending on if I like this look or not. Devina made a crack about me looking like Private Gomer Pyle (of Full Metal Jacket fame) at first. I’d rather have hoped to look more like Ewan MacGregor in Trainspotting… At least he looked really cool in that flick with a short buzz. Maybe if I grew in some sideburns, It would look better. 🙂

It seems though that she really digs the new look. She couldn’t stop rubbing the fuzz on my head after I took a shower. Actually, I caught myself rubbing the back of my head a few times while I was busy rebuilding a SQL box here. It’s quite relaxing actually… Kind of like that neat feeling of rubbing something made of soft velvet.