She compromised my principle

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RIP Robert…

Everyone I know goes away… In the end.

Man, how much does this suck. Both Johnny Cash and John Ritter passed away last night.

I’m not a person who really likes celebrities much, but if there were two people I would definitely say I enjoyed the work of, these two fine gentleman are very high on my list.

I grew up watching Three’s Company and that man always had me rolling on the floor as a little kid with the great comedy he performed.

What’s not to say about The Man in Black? Mr. Cash commanded respect everywhere he set foot on and everything he did instantly became cooler than anything when I was growing up. He was the only country music artist whom I was not ashamed to admit that I was a fan of. Hell, he even made a good NIN tune infinitely better and more poignant with regards to his life.

You will both be sorely missed.

Same sex marriages coming to Jersey?

A majority of likely voters in New Jersey say that gay and lesbian couples should be able to marry, a poll released yesterday indicated.

Philadelphia Inquirer

To be honest, I’m rather shocked at the results of this survey, but it’s not to say that I am not glad our state is at least more open-minded than the rest of the nation with regards to same-sex marriages.

What’s even more interesting is how 57% of Catholics support same-sex marriages. I found it a bit surprising considering the stance many of the higher ups in the Catholic religion take on homosexuality.

Personally, I really do not know what the hell the big deal is with same-sex marriages and why so many people are against them. If you find someone that you love, you should be allowed to marry them regardless of their gender. Hell, perhaps gay or lesbian couples can teach us heterosexuals a thing or two about marriage anyway. I mean look at the obscene divorce rates we have in this country… Nearly 1 out of every 2 marriages end up in divorce.

1 OUT OF 2?!?!

Some of those who oppose same-sex marriages say it defiles the “sanctity” of marriage. Ummm no, that 50% divorce rate defiles the “sanctity” of marriage, not the fact that 2 people of the same gender want to participate in a union of commitment. Shouldn’t marriage be about 2 people that love each other enough to want to spend the rest of their lives together regardless of their sexes?

I’m glad this state seems to begin to think so.

An interesting quandry

So the New Jersey supreme court ruled a couple of days ago that a defendant who was jailed for sexual assault can now bring up the sexual history between him and his accuser in a new trial. Now, please correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t this new ruling make it easier for a rapist to not be convicted of the crime in the future as this would now set a precedent?

Here’s an example that popped into my head.

Suppose Joe Schmoe has been hooking up with Jane Schmane for the past 3 or 4 months. They have been having sex regularly and it just so happens that today he’s in the mood for it and she’s not. She says no, he continues and proceeds to sexually assault her. Now comes court time and Joe is now allowed to bring up the fact that he’s been with her every which way but Sunday for about four months, so he did not rape her. Wouldn’t this then paint her in the wrong way causing the jury to acquit Joe of the accusation?