Is it me or was this police chase that started in Somerville, New Jersey and ended in da Bronx the most boring thing ever filmed? You know, I was scared of this exact thing. Ever since that last police chase some time ago, every Tom, Dick and Harry is going to start getting into a […]

Candy Suxxx

Woah! In case no one has heard, there was a pretty good police chase in northern New Jersey that went through several towns which I believe went for 50 miles ending in Bayonne. Apparently, a gentleman in an SUV was struck or struck another person in another car. The guy in the SUV became so […]

No, I said computer!

Why am I not surprised about this? Dell drops some tech calls to India Luckily, I have never had the misfortune of dealing with overseas customer reps while I was working at Silhouette with a Dell problem. I did however, have the misfortune of dealing with an overseas rep when I had to order my […]