Cocaine’s a hell of a drug

Aw man, this isn’t a good way to end a Friday… 🙁

‘Super Freak’ Rick James dead

I wonder if Chapelle’s going to pay some form of tribute to him on his show now? Like Rick James arriving at his final destination and the hilarity that would ensue afterwards.

You know the saddest part is that when my work buddy told me about it, the first thing I asked was “Was it a drug overdose?” I told another guy and he asked the exact same thing…

They did it in Superman 3

I think Angie McKaig brings up an excellent point with the whole Martha Stewart circus that’s going on in the news. We are sending the wrong message to the corporate world here. Is it really ok for Kenneth Lay to do what he did and is what Martha did really worthy of jail time? Doesn’t anyone else see something horribly wrong with this picture?

Sure, I hate Martha as much as the next guy. However, if you were in her shoes and you were standing to lose a good chunk of change, wouldn’t you try to do everything in your power to stop it? If I were in her spot, you bet your ass I’d have pulled my moolah out of that company. Yet, if I helped run a massive corporation into the ground essentially ruining the lives of so many people to fatten my wallet, it’s ok. I also believe nothing’s going to happen to Lay, but something tells me it’s his company’s ties to the current government’s administration that’s going to keep him out.

Now I’m not saying that Martha shouldn’t get away scott free. Perhaps a good sized fine and community service would be called for in this instance. Prison?? No way… Lay and his cohorts on the other hand, need to spend a long long time in a “federal pound-me-in-the-ass” prison paying for what they did to all of those families.

It just doesn’t make sense.

The silence heard around blogland

So this past weekend shut down close to 3000 blogs without any notice.

Ummm, OUCH.

Someone’s going to be pretty hated man for some time to come. I have actually planned the same thing with my own server, but I at least gave my hostees a good month or so to find new homes for their blogs. Most have found shiny new residences and others, I am not sure about, but at least there was some warning behind it. Some of them may have been a little upset, but like Dave, I hosted their blogs for free so they understood my need to close my server down. It was good knowing that there was no animosity because of my actions, and I suppose if Dave Winer had given them the same courtesy, things wouldn’t have been so bad.

Understandably, most of the users of his free service are fairly irate. However, one has to question why these (or any person with a blog) users did not back up their data at regular intervals. Doesn’t anyone understand that data on the internet is hardly safe from being accidentally deleted? Even on my server, I run weekly and daily backups going to three different servers in the rare case that any of them fail. Sure, there were times when I hosed something on my server and wiped some of the blogs clean, but I was able to recover everything and at most lose a few comments here and there if the posts were recent enough.

Everyone running a blog (or any other type of website for that matter), should be very diligent with backing up their data no matter what their hosting service says. Servers fail and backups can become corrupted. It’s a calculated risk when dealing with data like this… For example, backing up a wordpress (or movabletype) blog is quite simple. At the very least backup your database. Should you lose your stylesheets or pages, you can easily restore the database to a new blog and at the very least, have every single one of your entries and configurations in place. If you’re more diligent about your backups, issues such as the one above should not be a problem. Unfortunately most people learn this the hard way.

E-85 anyone?

I’m not sure if your gas prices are past 2 bucks, but around me I just saw a sign for regular gas ringing in at a cool 2.15 a gallon. This is getting a wee bit ridiculous as I remember a time just a few years ago where I could get gas for less than a buck around my area. Given that Americans are still buying SUVs at an increasing rate, this price is not going to go down in the foreseeable future. I wouldn’t be surprised seeing more than 3 dollars per gallon before the end of this year at the rate the prices are creeping up lately. Imagine that? Three dollars per gallon?!

Well, it seems like you can be one of the lucky people out there who own one of the alternative E-85 fuel powered cars. Ironically enough, many of these vehicles where you could save at the pump are the larger sized cars such as SUVs, vans and trucks. Heck, at around 85 cents a gallon, I would buy one of those alternatively powered cars…