Could it be?

Did they finally catch the sniper(s)?

Well then, there goes my theory of it being a white guy who had millitary sniper training. I really hope it is them because then this nightmare would be over.


Strawberry fields forever…

Dammit, don’t ya hate gettin’ the late night munchies?!?! Well, I succumbed and decided to treat myself to a nice piece of fudge cake… Wanna see?

want some??

I found out George Harrison just died (shows you how much I watch the news). He was actually my second favorite Beatle, (Ringo is my fav actually) but I also enjoyed his solo career. I was really bummed out when I found out too, but not enough to get very emotional about it. I think he was going through a bout with cancer so he’s not in pain anymore which I think is for the better that he passed away to the big arena in the sky. Alliyah’s death earlier this year was a sad shame but I wasn’t a fan of her or the music so there’s not much I could do but feel bad for her family and fans. The only time I truly broke down and just bawled over a death of a celebrity was when Stevie Ray Vaughn (R.I.P.) passed away several years ago in a helicopter crash. Back then I was very heavily into playing the guitar and Stevie’s music was so amazing that I couldn’t help but be drawn into his soul when I was listening to it. I was so entranced by his playing that to this day, I consider him to be the best guitarist of all time… Don’t get me wrong… I still love Jimi, Clapton, Page and the rest of the guitar gods but Stevie’s playing was at another plane of existence. So when I heard about the accident on MTV, (I was just actually practicing some Metallica) I placed my guitar down, got up to take a shower and spent an hour under the running hot water bawling my eyes out… I was depressed for a day or two afterwards and then I realized… If there is a heaven, then it must’ve been the best party because both Jimi and Stevie must be tearin’ down the place making their sweet music. To this day I have never gotten that emotional over a death of someone…

Well, my ass is sleepy…