Rest in peace Mr. Herbert

Photo of Mr. WizardIt always sucks when someone you grew up watching on television passes away. Don Herbert’s, aka Mr. Wizard, show was the primary reason I have always been deeply interested in the sciences. I couldn’t even tell you how many times I passed up the reality series (well maybe not Hell’s Kitchen) or sitcom du jour in order to take in a science show on PBS or Discovery. I remember being the same way as a kid, passing up on Tom & Jerry for either Mr. Wizard or 3-2-1 Contact… Those shows just made learning about science FUN!

Well, for me at least.

You know, now that I think about it, I couldn’t even begin to fathom how many children watching his show wound up becoming scientists, astronauts, professors, engineers, doctors or have chosen any other career path in the sciences as adults. I remember when I was a kid, one of my biggest wishes (well, next to being lassoed by Wonder Woman of course) was to be an assistant on his TV show doing whatever science experiment he was demonstrating for everyone else.

Rest in peace Mr. Wizard, I likely wouldn’t be as curious about our world today if it weren’t for your help. I know when I become a father some day and my children are of the proper age, I’ll definitely be sharing your show with them, hoping to spark the same passion for learning about the world around us as you did with me.

Farewell Superman

First Rodney passes away last week and now Christopher Reeves. Like Scott said, Christopher Reeve will always be, no matter how many more come after, Superman in my eyes. From starring in quite possibly the single best movie adaptation of a comic book hero (Batman 1 comes a very close second) to helping make more public the need for stem cell and spinal cord research are what truly made him Superman in my eyes.

Let the games begin!


In case no one has heard, Howard Stern announced that as of January 1st, 2006, he will be part of the Sirius satelite network. At the moment their website is down (Slashdot effect has got nothing on the Stern effect I have noticed with web sites), but I can only imagine their stock is going to zoom up today.

Unfortunately, Opie & Anthony signed up with XM a few months ago and that’s where I’m going to… Oddly enough, both Stern and O&A look like they will be in the same time slots. Interesting indeed!

Dropping bombs

Woah… Talk about coming way out of left field.

New Jersey governor quits, comes out as gay

I’m completely stunned by this bit of news. Bet it’s going to make for an interesting commute in the morning on the radio station I listen to. Apparently, there’s a major lawsuit involved with this news as well, which is perhaps why he decided to resign. Can’t wait to hear what that’s all about.

You know, only in Jersey…


The plot thickens it appears. I’ve heard in several places now that ex-advisor Golan Cipel was going to submit sexual harassment charges against the governor today, so I guess McGreevy headed it off at the pass. I guess that’s who McGreevy had the affair with and it might explain why Golan mysteriously resigned some time ago.