Paper or Plastic?

This or That Tuesday time baby! Paper or plastic? Paper in plastic. 🙂 Stripes or plaid? Stripes, preferably going down on a nice dark suit… 😀 Baseball or football? When I was a kid I would have quickly answered baseball, but those money grubbing sons of bitches have ruined the game for me, so I […]

Two for Tuesday, the home edition

It’s Two for Tuesday time baby! Are you happy where you live? If not, what isn’t working for you there? Well, technically I do not live anywhere at the moment as weird as that sounds. I live with my girlfriend, yet stay at my parent’s house when I absolutely need to not be late for […]

Geek help needed!

Ok, I have no idea why the idea was never thought of when we received this laptop (I for sure would have nixed it immediately), but I have a question I am posing to the noble sys admins that may read this page. I have *one* Win2k (sp3) laptop user who travels back and forth […]


Finally… I coded this site for multiple posts… 🙂 The commenting system works a little different for the entries in the calendar above. It’s still speedy, so it should not be too bad getting to them. 😉