Ahhhhh l’amour…. =)

You know? There’s absolutely nothing better than the smile of a beautiful woman you love with all your life to make all of your day’s woes take a back seat. Not much to chat about tonight other than I have the day all to myself at work tomorrow, woooo! My lazy ass will be on-line […]

Are you the master of your domain??

Woooooooooo! The masturbation episode of Seinfeld is on right now and Elaine just plopped down her hundred bucks!!! Man I miss this damn show too much… McGreevy won as Joisey’s head bitch in charge so I suppose this is a good thing. I actually didn’t vote this time around because I think all of the […]

I get knocked down!

Ahhh, it’s one of those nights tonight… Very chilly, nice and windy, I can see the stars and all is right in the world at this moment. 🙂 I live for these nights, when you can just step out and wake up from that good nipply chill in the air. Aside from this great night, […]


Hehe… Damn tired… Though I just watched the Yanks lose! Oh man was it worth staying up a bit longer 😉 Me and my sis are doing the dance of joy. Now I can sleep well…