Bad omen

I arrived very early at the car dealership and was very warmly greeted by the pretty cool sales people there. I wind up meeting Ken who is going to be my sales guy and we immediately hit it up. I explain to him my situation and all that and we take a walk to check […]

Checking out some wheels

Hooah! Off to check some potential new sets of wheels right now. Unfortunately I can’t get the Camry I wanted, but it looks like I have the ability to nab other sweet rides… 🙂

San Gennaro festivities

This weekend was pretty eventful for yours truly. Saturday, I heard a commercial for the San Gennaro festival in Little Italy (the entire span of Mulberry Street), so I decided to take Devina in to check it out for herself. She hates driving into the city so we parked the car by my parent’s old […]

Two for Tuesday, the pick-me-up edition

It’s Two for Tuesday time baby! When you’re feeling down, what activity is almost guaranteed to make you feel better? Either taking a long drive listening to depressing music or watching a really good 80’s movie like “The Princess Bride.” If I am really down I’ll just ramble on playing my guitar until I feel […]