Friday Five, social quirks

Friday Five baby! Would you say that you’re good at keeping in touch with people? I am probably one of the worst people who keeps in touch with their friends physically. This is mostly because of my job’s demands on time, so I keep in touch via e-mail and messenger programs. Who knows though, perhaps […]

Applebees sucks

Devina went to dinner yesterday with a friend to a local Applebees and she was kind enough to get me a steak. She got it medium rare, which for me is a bit overcooked for my taste. I like my steaks “black and blue” (as rare as possible) because anything over medium-rare destroys natural flavor […]


Peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a couple of pickle slices in it… Actually, I used to love stuffing Doritos into hamburgers to make them crunchy. Ahh, the stomach of a 10 year old. 😀 Yes, these food combinations may gross some of you out, but I love each… Care to share your odd food […]