18 questions

Feeling a little meme-y today as you can see. Found this at Neil’s. 1. Who do you admire the most and why? I would have to say that I admire my little sister the most. She’s tougher and much more strong willed than I could ever be and I completely respect that in her. Growing […]

The Rainbow Connection

Monday Mission 3.42 1. What is the most expensive car repair you’d have to pay for? Roughly $2000 for transmission repairs and a tune up on my old Corolla. That was the most painful check I ever had to write in my life… Well, that and the down payment for Tera. 2. I did some […]

Nice ride baby

Haven’t done these in forever and a day… 🙂 Friday Five 1. What vehicle do you drive? A 2000 white Nissan Altima. 2. How long have you had it? 1 year this month, sadly with roughly 30,000 miles added on it. Yes, you read that right… thirty thousand miles. 3. What is the coolest feature […]