Vote or Not

This is definitely an ingenious idea! You sign up by clicking the link and if you win, so do I. You, in turn, then refer others and if they win, so do you! Plus it has the added benefit of perhaps getting more people out to vote this November for their respective candidates. Schweeeeeeet. The […]

200 Things

Seen this everywhere, figured I’d do this. Stuff in bold was done by yours truly. 🙂 01. Bought everyone in the pub a drink 02. Swam with wild dolphins 03. Climbed a mountain 04. Taken a Ferrari for a test drive 05. Been inside the Great Pyramid 06. Held a tarantula. 07. Taken a candlelit […]

Solos aren’t cool anymore?

I was just chatting with my little brother (showing him how to play a few Blink 182, Sum 41 and Green Day songs on his guitar) and I asked him him if he knew why no one really solos anymore. His first thought was that most of the bands out there nowadays can pretty much […]

Why would you do it?

I’ve got a few friends who in the past year or so decided it was high time to leave good old Jersey and head down to the warmth and “paradise” that is Florida. I’ve been to a number of places on Florida in the past and personally, I can’t see why anyone in their right […]