LJ = spamtrap

Wow. Ever since I created an account here on LJ, I have gotten a lot of spam on my gmail account that I created specifically for use only on LJ. Thankfully gmail gets it all. 🙂 Actually, now that I look at it, I’ve got some (6) to give away if anyone wants them. Drop […]

Reason number 5 I am glad I stayed home today

This really hot Indian woman across the parking lot from me has been doing yoga in the buff for the past 45 minutes. However, the girl needs to shave pretty badly. Having Don King in a headlock in between your thighs isn’t the most appealing thing to look at, but my oh my what a […]

The shit I see on the road

While I was driving home today I saw the nastiest thing ever. I’m driving along and manage to look inside the Escalade behind me. Sitting in the drivers seat was some fat ass blonde girl all sorts of pissed off yelling into the cell phone planted on her right side like it was some sort […]

An odd pairing

So I’m flipping through the channels and I hit the PBS station when I see something that I thought I would never see. Rosie Perez in some lingerie on a bed getting seduced by Richard Dreyfuss talking about the catholic religion… I’m not sure how I can not turn this off. It’s almost like watching […]