I really do not mind it being Monday oddly enough…

So this weekend the chickie and I went to see Flags of our Fathers and I’d have to say is was a very interesting and highly recommended film if you’re into war history. Oddly enough, I think D and I were the only two people in the theatre who were not war veterans which made watching it rather odd because I think a few of the gents in there were having some serious flashbacks. Either way, it’s a very interesting take on the whole staged Iwo Jima photo and how the people who “participated” in it were treated and how their lives changed afterwards. If you’re a bit on the squeamish side with regards to the battle scenes, I suggest you do not see it as you can also call it Saving Private Ryan with Japanese soldiers instead of Jerries. Personally, I think the war gore was way more realistic than in Ryan, but more tactfully done if that makes any sense. Some of the older folks in the audience did not appreciate the Pulp Fiction-ish “time jump” theme throughout the movie, but it made pretty good sense to the chickie and I and helped to answer a lot of the questions that you come across while watching it.

We also went to this local restaurant called Triumph and while people in Princeton rant and rave about the place (as with most of other restaurants in that town), I’d have to say I was fairly disappointed again. You see, the people in Princeton have a very snobbish attitude about their town, especially their restaurants and it just irks me. This is more so when talking good food with one of it’s natives. Personally, I think most of the food in that town is extremely overpriced for the suckage factor. However, there is one restaurant that is quite good and relatively inexpensive but sometimes a little variety is in order. So, take a bit of advice from me if you’re interested in having some food in the township of Princeton.


Save yourself the money and just drive the extra 45 minutes to Philly. Now that town knows muddafucking delicious food. Especially if you do not want to pay the NYC prices, Philly is most definitely the way to go in terms of finding a great assortment of delicious cuisines in an easy to navigate town.

Did anyone by chance by Neverwinter Nights 2? I managed to pick it up this weekend and I’m pretty bummed to admit that I am just not at all into it. I tried to play it for a good couple of hours and just found myself being way too aggravated trying to make the game work to my liking. The camera and the movement just suck ass and is a pain to deal with, the quests are a little too boring and most importantly the graphics just suck. I mean they really do suck. This game is nowhere near as grand as the original Neverwinter Nights which was just a wholly terrific game to play. I guess having Atari/Hasbro create it just ruined the series in my opinion. I don’t know, I think I am just too pampered by World of Warcraft to enjoy another RPG-ish type of game. However, I did also “acquire” Company of Heroes last week and I’ll have to admit that I really like that game. It’s an RTS like Starcraft but with army people and it’s a hell of a lot of fun to play! Because of the craptastic ISP that I have, (Comcrap) I haven’t been able to hop on WoW for longer than 4 minutes at a time for the past month and a half, so it’s good that I managed to find a game to satiate my gamer fix for the time being while my roomie and I plot our destruction of the Comcast offices…

The vampire Gustav!

So goes another weekend and a bit of fun was had for a slight change this weekend.

I haven’t been to a Halloween party since I was in grammar school, so when the girlfriend asked me if I wanted to go to a shin dig at one of her work mate’s houses, I got totally psyched for it. At first we were both planning to go as Captain Kirk and Uhura from Star Trek fame, but the captain’s outfits and Uhura’s get up were all sold out from the typical costume web sites. So, we both looked at eBay for some authentic uniforms and they came out to be at least 125 bucks a pop for both and we really did not want to dump that type of dough into the outfits. So last week, we hit the local Party City and found a set of cool looking vampire outfits and a bunch of make-up goodies and stuff. I didn’t want to go for the whole generic white faced vampire look, so I opted for just darkened eyes and black lips and nails. We both tried vampire teeth, but they all sucked and kept on falling out, so that kind of sucked but we dealt with it.

We got dressed up Saturday night and headed off to the party!

I vant to suck your blood!

Not too sure why that photo came out blurry, but according to the g/f the camera has a very slow shutter speed so things get blurry a lot with her photos. Eh well, I liked the pic nonetheless and we all had a ton of fun there. Afterwards, we were starving for some human food, so we ventured off to a diner and essentially freaked a bunch of people out when we walked in. It was pretty hilarious, but the wait staff loved our costumes:

So, how’s your bloody marys?

We didn’t stay up for too much longer sadly because she was running in the Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure that her company was sponsoring in Princeton the very next morning. It was a pretty massive event and there were a HUGE amount of people there, but fun was had by all. She wound up being way too tired from the night before so she opted to do the walk instead when she got there. I wound up joining her on the walk to keep her company and it’s a great cause, so I figured it was the least I could do. However, I think I may have inadvertently gotten someone in trouble because I did not have one of those race things on me when I showed up on the finish line with her. They gave me some rather disconcerting looks, but my guess it was due to the whole liability issue from their standpoint. Either way, what I found the most odd is that when you finished the walk/race you get sent to a tent where they give you food, an apple and a whole mess of donuts. Yes, donuts. WTF is up with that?? I can understand giving you a fruit and water to help you get replenished, but to also give you a whole heap of donuts? Don’t know but I found that rather odd.

Not too much else happened this weekend other than some good relaxing yesterday after the event. How was yours?


Old friends

  • Alright, so who is using LJ Talk here? I’ve been trying to get to work via the app I use to IM here at work and no such luck for me. Seeing if it’s worth it for me to use at home with the app I use there.
  • I always find myself looking for neat photos on Flickr and nothing’s better than the photo stories people tell for the random memes there. For instance, on this “Tell a Story in Five Frames,” we see what can happen to some people when they go on a roller coaster. You wouldn’t believe how hard I laughed when I saw that story! There’s also this one which just speaks volumes about communication in relationships and this one and there’s a WHOLE slew more for those of you looking to waste some time today. 🙂
  • Speaking of Flickr, I uploaded two photos of the pottery the chickie and I painted a couple of weeks back

Yeah, I should get over myself now… :p

Anyway, as I clued in on my last entry a very old and close friend of mine came back into my life very recently from of all places, MySpace (go figure!). I have never really discussed her before because well, thinking about her really bummed me out since we have not spoken to each other for about seven years before last week. Her name is Natasha and we’ve known each other since the since the sixth grade. We became fairly decent school buddies up until the eighth grade when I moved a couple of towns over and as with all moves in that time of your life, we pretty much did not talk much to each other after that. That is until my sophomore (or was it junior) year of high school when I happened to run into her at her high school’s football game while I went to visit a friend. Oddly enough she was on the cheer leading team and my oh my did she fill out nicely when I saw her. No longer was she the skinny little tom boy I knew a few years earlier, instead she was the spitting image of Madonna in her “Like a Virgin” video with the exception of being quite top heavy if you catch my drift… So um yeah, you bet your funky asses I made sure I got to know her better from that point on. 😉

We stayed in touch and hung out every once in a while getting to be good friends and through an odd turn of events we wound up working in the same mall together. Over time, we got closer and because of a mutual attraction and an obscenely healthy dose of raging hormones on both our parts, we wound up getting pretty intimate as the years progressed. We never had a chance to officially be in a “relationship” because well, during the times we were “close” we were also attached to our own significant others. Now it’s nothing to be proud of, but we were some pretty horny kids who just happened to be close friends who shared a lot with each other, so it made it very hard not to be intimate with each other.

Fast forward a few years and it’s time to graduate high school and make some pretty big choices in life.

I was a fairly smart kid back in high school (though no match for my little brother), so I pretty much had my choice to attend all of the colleges I applied to. Most of my friends (and girlfriend at the time) were going to Rutgers Pharmacy so it was assumed that I would follow. I also got accepted with a 3/4 full ride to Massachusetts College of Pharmacy which at the time was I think the best pharm school on the East Coast. Tasha by some weird turn of events got accepted to a school no more than 15-20 minutes from MassPharm…

She wanted me to go to Massachusetts.

Long story short: I went to RU, she went to Mass and dropped out a week after she enrolled. She moved in with a family friend in Bloomfield, NJ and shortly thereafter they started dating. Then a couple of months down the line she called me from Florida where she just wound up uprooting herself to from Jersey to live with the guy who was transferred there by his job.

Crazy eh??

Slowing it down a little, we were still best of friends and talked as often as we could. Roughly twice a year for a couple of years, I would borrow my dad’s car and make the drive from New Brunswick, NJ to Orlando, FL to visit her. Over time, we both grew a lot closer towards each other and we started talking about being and staying together after she stopped dating the gent she moved down there with. Of course, with me being in Jersey (in a relationship as well) and her being in Florida, that was close to an impossibility. Though, in all honesty had she asked me to be with her, I more than likely would have dropped everything here to go down there knowing me back then. A bit more time passed and we started talking less and less on the phone which I suppose was for the better because we both knew we needed to move on with our lives. She started dating someone and I was in the process of ending my relationship with Stephanie (my last ex) and soon after that Tasha and I just stopped communicating. We both moved and more time passed by, calls and letters were attempted but not returned and then I moved again and I slowly came to the realization that she was no longer going be in my life anymore. We knew each other for about 13 years at that point and to not have her there was pretty devastating for me. I can’t really tell you how I changed, but I literally felt like half of me was missing and all of my friendships from that point on were affected. I just couldn’t get as close to someone as I was with her, regardless of who they were. I mean sure, there are some in my life now who I am very close with, but it just wasn’t the same and to be honest, I did not want it to be the same.

As hard as it was at first, I started moving on with my life. I wound up meeting my current girlfriend, got closer with a few more of the people in my life now, continued on with my career and from time to time, when I was alone with my thoughts, I wondered how she was doing. I’d quickly remove the thought, but I’d be lying if I did not admit it, even all this time later still.

Then a few weeks back when I checked my MySpace mail, I received a message from someone I have never met. She introduced herself as a friend of a friend who lived in Florida and I matched the description of someone she talks often of to her. She had said in the message that if I were interested in contacting her, to let her know and she would provide an e-mail address. I replied back, asked her if this was in reference to a Natasha and then pretty much told her that as a long lost friend, I’d be very interested in hearing from her again. As soon as I hit the send button, I became a wreck. Here after all this time, I may have a chance to talk to one of my closest friends again… I was happy, anxious, angry, sad, you name it… I felt it. It got worse when I did not get a response the next day, the following day, a few more days…

Then in the middle of the following week she responds back, but with a confession. Turns out Tasha was the one who sent that original message on MySpace. She was borrowing her friends account looking up old high school friends when she saw my profile linked to a mutual friend. So, she messaged me and pretended to be her in case I did not want to hear from her again. She said she had some things she wanted to ask and left an e-mail and phone number to contact her, so now the ball was in my court.

I hate to do this, but unfortunately I have a few meetings to go to and won’t have time to update until tomorrow. Yeah yeah, mighty big douche move of me to just up and end this post like this, but my boss is calling me now to walk with him. I’ll finish updating this tale tomorrow unless nothing pans out for this evening.

Why is everybody gotta be so freakin’ stupid these days?

Why hello there my pretties! So long since the last update so I must cheese out and use the good ol’ bullet method for everything that’s been going on the past couple of weeks.

  • Work’s been cool, been a bit on the busy side because we needed to move out our web servers to a linux box in Texas so that our web designer can have access from her new home in North Carolina. Also started having weekly happy hours with the younger crowd in the building (there are very few of us below age 35 there) so that’s a good thing. Unfortunately, I do not have as many friends as I used to locally so things have been kind of lonely during the week since the g/f and I do not spend as much time with her new responsibilities at work. It’s amazing what comes out from the people you work with after you get a few beers in them, great to hear so much of the gossip going on in the place! It’s starting to look a lot more like a freaggin’ soap opera there as each day goes on.
  • Things between the little lady and I are going well. As I mentioned in my last bullet point, I rarely get to see or hear much from her because of a promotion and position she took at her company. Busy doesn’t even say it and I feel pretty awful for her with the amount of extra work, traveling and stress that’s in her life now, but I try to make the weekends as enjoyable and stress free for her as possible and yes, I am now saving up for her ring. Whatcha think? I’m not exactly sure how the whole diamond thing works, so I’m doing my research. I should have that bad boy in my hands by early next year assuming no fund draining events occur between now and then. 😀
  • Went to see School for Scoundrels today. You know, it’s not nearly as funny as the commercials made it out to be, but good to see that guy in a different role than the dweebish ones from Napoleon Dynamite. Afterwards went to this pottery painting place to do some painting. Thought it wouldn’t be that much fun, but it turned out to be a blast! I bought an unfinished Japanese soup bowl that I painted yellow and then at the bottom of the bowl, I put on a smiley face. Looks like a 10 year old did it, but I figured it would be a cute touch to see a smiley face when I chowed down on some noodles. 😀
  • Speaking of movies, saw Crank a couple weeks back as well! Was an interesting flick to watch (though way too over-the-top in some parts) and I forgot how hot Amy Smart is… That sex scene in the middle of China Town was both hilarious as hell and hot to watch!
  • Got a way out of the blue message from my old dear friend Tasha on my MySpace a couple of weeks back. I haven’t heard from her in a very long time, roughly seven years and we used to be as close as two people could be. We’ve messaged each other a couple of times since then, but I have yet to call her. I’m still feeling awkward about the whole situation. Here’s someone I was ready to give up my life over here in Jersey for to move down to Florida and marry and then losing touch and then getting back in touch many years in the future. I mean, how would you really start having a conversation again without getting all sorts of weird? But to be honest, I have never been able to get that close with someone on a friendship level and for all of this time, I’ve felt as if half of me were not there anymore. Granted I love my g/f dearly, there has not been another soul on this Earth who I would open up to on the level that Tasha and I did back in the day. I know it must sound really weird to read me typing something like that, but it’s true. Tomorrow I am giving her a call though, because in all honesty, I miss her terribly as a friend and confidant and it would be great to know that she’s doing well at the very least. Granted, I seriously doubt we will be that close again, it would be good to have her in my life again.
  • Having some lunch with my best friend Shelly tomorrow, been a few weeks since I saw her last so it would be good to catch up on life with her. I rarely talk much when we hang out, but I’ve found that I am a listener by nature, so it’s all good being with someone as chatty as her. Usually a great story featuring some asshat she’s dated and the things that promoted him to the level of asshattery.
  • Hung out with my friend Jane the other week which was pretty fun. Finally got around to seeing Swingers with her (both high up on our lists as favorite flicks) which is something we’ve been wanting to do for like a year. After the movie, she was showing me this salsa workout DVD she picked up and if it was good. I took a look at it and while it was alright, it was not the style that I learned, so I gave her my very first “salsa on 2” lesson. Granted I am no way at all competent enough to teach another how to dance salsa, it was a lot of fun showing her the basic step and then teaching her how to turn and then having our own little dance for a bit of time. I haven’t been able to get out to the clubs or the classes all summer long because of work and random events so it was good getting my dance on then.
  • Unfortunately, I wound up missing the first salsa class this past Thursday due to a flat tire and throwing out a tire wrench that did not fit my custom rims. No real harm done though because the first class is nothing but getting the basic step and beat down. Hopefully most of the people from the last set of classes will be in class with me when I go back next week.

Well, that’s it for now. Need to get running to the girlfriend’s place for another DVD of Monk’s third season, some Futurama, some ice wine, possibly an oral fest and then some tennis and running early in the AM tomorrow. Hope you folks have a great rest of the weekend! 🙂