Birth, life, work, death

You know, for the past few days I have been sitting at my desk here at home and just staring at a blank screen while trying to come up with stuff to write about. I have absolutely no idea how anyone who keeps a daily blog does it and on top of that, keeps it interesting for others to read. Then again, I’ve never been much of a talker so it’s even doubly hard for me to come up with anything for this virtual discussion. The world is against me I tells ya!

A little under a month ago I turned 32 and in usual “Dave” fashion, I really did not go all out celebrating it. Heck, true to form I tried to shun away all forms of congratulations for the day. It’s not that I’m upset or angry over getting older, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s just that I have never liked celebrating my birthday and it has always made me uncomfortable being the center of attention even if it is just for a day… Weird eh? Devina however, was very nice enough to sing “Happy Birthday” in a voice mail to me in the morning and then treating me to one of my favorite local Indian places which of course kicked some serious butt. Oh yeah, during lunch Tasha left me a voicemail where she also sang me her own utterly hilarious rendition of “Happy Birthday” complete with a stab at yours truly. I was listening to it on my way to an ATM and I nearly drove off the road laughing my ass off. The next day I went up to the parents’ place to be treated to some super tasty Cuban food and the traditional singing and cake. All in all, it was an enjoyable 32nd birthday.

I have been keeping quite busy as of late with the whole Daylight Savings thing at work. Life for the past couple of weeks has consisted of going to work in the morning and then working some more when I got home in the evening. Then eating a bit, taking a shower, sleeping a bit and repeating those exact events the next day (yes, even including weekends). The good thing is that as of this coming Sunday, things will go back to normal and I will have most of my “after work” life back. Of course that isn’t really saying much since I really did not have much of a life after work in the first place. However, I’ll definitely be needing to get my chubby ass back to the gym as the weight that I lost earlier in the year has slowly, but surely been creeping back on. This is not good my fine feathered friends, but such is life sometimes.

In some really good news, Tasha is flying back up to Jersey with her hubby in a couple of weeks! I took a vacation day from work and on the 26th of March, we’re headed to the Museum of Natural History in NYC to catch the sights there during the day. I’m not sure how much of the city her hubby saw the last time they came up, but hopefully I can show them some other sights while in the general area after we get our fill of the museum. Does anyone have any additional hang out recommendations? Devina’s coming up in the evening after she gets off of work to meet up with us to have dinner at one of our favorite Mexican/Spanish restaurants in the West Village, Tio Pepe. So far, Tasha and Michael (her hubby) have been drooling over the menu which is a good thing. I’ll most certainly have a lot more to say after we all hang out though. I’ll have to admit, I’m both extremely over excited and horribly nervous about finally seeing one of my closest and most trusted friends after roughly seven years of no communication.

In some pretty depressing news, I found out last night while talking to my mother that our cat Tony passed away last Friday. When I went up to my parents’ place for my birthday, I noticed that he was disturbingly thin and a bit more tired looking than normal. Of course I attributed it to his age which I can figure is a little over 20 years from my estimation (we got him as I was ending the 8th grade and he was already a few years old) but I did not know he was on his last legs. Turns out sometime last week, my sister took him into the vet and something was wrong with his kidneys. Then my mom said he died on Friday. I’m not sure if he died in his sleep, but I am really hoping he did as it I would imagine it would have been a painless way to pass on. To be honest, I can’t bear the thought of him dying in pain while he was still awake…

RIP big guy, you'll be missed.
RIP big guy, you’ll be sorely missed

Proving one’s worth

Tomorrow before work I am heading off to the MVC (used to be called the DMV) to get my drivers license renewed. Luckily, there’s one around the corner from where I work so hopefully, I will not be too late. One cool thing is that Jersey has been giving out them new fangled digital drivers licenses for a couple of months already so I will most likely receive one tomorrow.

Preparing for it has been quite an adventure because there is a point system in place to qualify someone for receiving a license and essentially proving who they are. It’s crazy the amount of stuff you need to prove who you are now to the MVC: valid and certified birth certificate (they need to have a raised seal on them), cards up the wazoo, utility bills, eyes of newts, wings of bats… Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but it seems like a whole mess of new stuff since the last time I had to renew my license. I suppose it’s a good thing because of all of the security concerns, but I have heard a whole slew of horror stories with people showing up with proper documentation and still being denied. I’m coming in ultra prepared. I’ve got:

  1. My original birth certificate (with raised seal and issues by the municipality *whew*)
  2. Current drivers license
  3. Social Security card
  4. Bank statement
  5. ATM card
  6. Health insurance/prescription card
  7. Employee ID card
  8. Cable bill
  9. Checking account statement
  10. Mail received from Dept. of Education regarding my school loans

Now if I don’t get my damn drivers license with all of this stuff, I’m shooting someone in there…

Oh, in case anyone is interested in purchasing a very well maintained and pristine Dell Axim X5 (the more powerful one), head on over to eBay. I’m putting mine up along with some nifty accessories. 🙂

Poor little guys

Since it’s been raining so much in this area, I’ve seen something that makes me a little sad.

Dead worms all over the place.

How much does it suck to be driven out of your little worm hole by water only to drown on the outside or stepped on or driven over? This morning when I got to work, there must have been literally hundreds of the poor little kiddies broken and bloated all over the parking lot.

However, I have noticed that by work, the worms are quite long and thin. On the other hand, here at home they’re shorter but really thick. Kind of makes you wonder if the female worms are happier here than by work eh? Oh wait, worms are hermaphrodites… Hmmm, I’ll just end this here and go to sleep.

When munchies attack

Let the good times roll!One of the things I have always wondered is why people feel the need to buy milk, eggs and toast when an impending storm hits. Is french toast really going to save your life if you’re snowbound in your house? Why not buy better items like a few cases of beer or a bunch of movies from BlockBuster. Perhaps a nice taco mix or perhaps some burger patties to create your own in house party?

Sometimes you gotta wonder.