Guitar Rising

I never quite understood the whole fascination with the Guitar Hero series of games. Sure, it’s an amusing idea and I am sure it’s a complete blast at a party, but playing a real guitar really isn’t too impossible. It just requires lots (and lots and a bit more) of practice to get things down right. As far as the folks who have YouTube videos of their GH accomplishments with the throngs of people jizzing their pants worshipping them, I simply don’t get it. How is quickly tapping buttons impressive? Oooh, you can do Slayer’sRaining Blood” with 100% accuracy on expert… Oooooh! I betcha Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman would let you play on stage with them next time now wouldn’t they? 🙂 You want to really impress me? Play Stevie Ray Vaughan’s rendition of Hendrix’s Little Wing or Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) in front of me using the real thing.

Anyway, when I saw an ad for Guitar Rising, you can bet your ass that this game really piqued my interest. To me, this is what Guitar Hero should have been in the first place… A chance to learn and to play your favorite songs with the help of visual cues and your PC (or game console). I (and my black ESP) am definitely looking forward to this when it comes out!

It can’t get here soon enough in my opinion!

Found via Gizmodo