It’s smmmmoking!

The network is not fine at all in our little palace. The good news is that I was here when my router started smoking yesterday, but the bad news is that the router started smoking. Our network was running really crappy yesterday, so I unplugged the router and let it stew for a wee bit. […]

Don’t you sass me

A couple to a few weeks ago, Microsoft released two update files to patch up quite a number of vulnerabilities. Most notably MS04-11 and MS04-12. The first set, supposedly took care of a grand total of 14 different vulnerabilities and bugs. Just several days ago, exploits were released in the wild to take advantage of […]

To XP or not to XP

So Microsoft is all up in a tizzy because a great deal of corporations haven’t made the jump to Windows XP. Personally, I don’t see a reason for any company to go this route in the first place and it really is only a huge waste of money in my opinion. Granted, I believe XP […]