Dear NetGear engineers, First, off I’d like to thank you for closing this hole that was disclosed a short while ago. Secondly, I did notice a pretty darn good improvement in speed and reliability in throughput after I upgraded to the newest firmware for your product. However, I am completely insulted at the fact that […]

NetGear WG602 vulnerability

During my usual daily checks of various security web sites, I happened to stumble upon this: Netgear WG602 Accesspoint vulnerability I have this specific access point here in our apartment, so I decided to give the exploit (well a backdoor really) a whirl and wouldn’t you know it, I’m vulnerable… Grrrrr. I tried to connect […]

Pissing in your gas tank

So I’m checking out the RSS feed for SecurityFocus’s BugTraq (excellent resource BTW for the newest vulnerabilities out there) where a curious entry is listed. It seems, if you load the page this gentleman created in Internet Explorer, it crashes. Naturally, I loaded it up in Mozilla since it seems to be immune to a […]