Candy Suxxx

Woah! In case no one has heard, there was a pretty good police chase in northern New Jersey that went through several towns which I believe went for 50 miles ending in Bayonne. Apparently, a gentleman in an SUV was struck or struck another person in another car. The guy in the SUV became so […]

Sloppy seconds

We’ve got a pretty tight deadline on a Windows 2003/Exchange 2003 roll out at work thus time is not an available option to me lately. The M$ roll out is going pretty well and we got a few nice toys in the form of servers within the past couple of weeks which is always a […]

Star Trek: Elite Force II

On my trip to Target yesterday I managed to pick up Star Trek Elite Force II which I heard from a few reviews was pretty good. Lots of emphasis on FPS (my personal favorite type of game) and not so great emphasis on Star Trek (:sniff sniff:). Right off the bat, I’ll say that so […]