A mercenary’s last stand

You’re fiercely holding down the only node to allow your team to take out the enemy’s main power node. One by one, the enemy comes in with guns blazing. You’re blowing brains out left and right. Spent body parts litter your feet in this defensive bitch slap. Your health drops and a health pack shows up. You run out of ammo and the ammo locker lights up. A few rockets to the left, some flak cannon blasts to the right. You litter the ground with grenades and then you set them off all in a gory blaze of destruction and mow down the rest with the chain gun. Gunny himself would look at this display of virtual testicular fortitude with a hard-on. The announcer is yelling “double kill,” “multi kill,” “mega kill,” “ultra,” “m-m-m-monster,” “holy shit,” “godlike…” You’re in the zone and you think you can’t be stopped. Just as they’re coming in for more trying to get you to fall so that they can save their precious core…

Your screen goes black, then to your desktop and finally a lovely Unreal Tournament 2004 Bug Submit Report pops up on your screen.

God damn AMD chips…

Candy Suxxx


In case no one has heard, there was a pretty good police chase in northern New Jersey that went through several towns which I believe went for 50 miles ending in Bayonne. Apparently, a gentleman in an SUV was struck or struck another person in another car. The guy in the SUV became so enraged that he whipped out a bat and started going at the other driver. Then a police officer somehow became injured and the chase was on. Most people compared the chase to your typical chase in Grand Theft Auto and it was shown on New York TV as it was occurring. Hopefully, the full video feed will be available soon because I don’t ever recall seeing one in Jersey. Most of the ones I have witnessed have all occurred in California in some spot or another. I just saw a small clip of the ending of the police chase just now and yeah, it looks so much like Grand Theft Auto. Especially with all of the cops surrounding him and arresting him. If you have ever played the game, it was like it was a 4 star crime minus the Feds and choppers surrounding you.

Speaking of which, I got GTA: Vice City a while ago and stopped playing it for some reason or another. Sure, it’s a pretty controversial game and all, but it’s so much fucking fun playing the bad guy every once in a while. I eventually got back into VC and I pretty much have a good 70% of the game finished, but I’m stuck at that damn mission where you need to blow up the building with the little helicopter. I think that’s what keeping me from advancing in the game further…

Anyone have any suggestions for passing that mission? I should note that this is the PC version of the game and not the console one. I don’t believe in console systems to be honest. I’ve always seen them as the device kids play before they get a real gaming system and get some PC games. Anyhoo, I think I’m just having a problem with my mouse/keyboard settings for the helicopter missions because I typically do really badly on them. If you can let me know what your mouse/keyboard config is set to with regards to the helicopter settings, it would be much appreciated. My guess is that if I tweak those settings a bit, I can finally finish that damn mission and continue on with the game. I’ve got all of the properties and hideouts except for the Malibu Club, but I think not passing that helicopter mission is what’s holding me back from getting the club…

And just for the record. Jenna Jameson’s character (Candy Suxxx) in the game really sucks, and not in a good way. It would have been so much better if it was actually a replica of her IMHO.

Sloppy seconds

We’ve got a pretty tight deadline on a Windows 2003/Exchange 2003 roll out at work thus time is not an available option to me lately. The M$ roll out is going pretty well and we got a few nice toys in the form of servers within the past couple of weeks which is always a treat to a computer geek such as myself. I’ll make sure to post some pictures of the new toy we’ve been setting up and getting ready to go in the next week and a half.

Another item taking up some of my free time is the game Battlefield 1942 that my buddy Shane got me into. I bought the deluxe version (that comes with “Road to Rome”) several months ago and did not get into it. I’m not sure what it was, but it just didn’t strike me as a good game at the time, but he helped me to see otherwise recently. It’s still taking me a good while to get used to it because I’m used to games like GTA: Vice City, UT2003 and Wolfenstein. The physics and mechanics are completely different in this game, which I am still having some problems with especially with someone like me who’s got a very itchy mouse sensitivity. It seems the spastically high mouse speeds that are advantageous in the ultra quick death match worlds of UT and Quake3 become hindrances in this game, at least for me. That and flying those damn planes is hard as hell, but practice above all else will overcome that. Though I must admit that it’s definitely one of the most fun multi-player games I have ever installed on my machine. My on-line nick is SloppySeconds on the BF servers, so be gentle if you see me for the next few weeks while I hone my skills. 🙂

Things are claming down at work, so my presence on this little nook on the net should be a bit more frequent.

Star Trek: Elite Force II

On my trip to Target yesterday I managed to pick up Star Trek Elite Force II which I heard from a few reviews was pretty good. Lots of emphasis on FPS (my personal favorite type of game) and not so great emphasis on Star Trek (:sniff sniff:).

Right off the bat, I’ll say that so far I do enjoy the game a great deal albeit a few gripes I have. I managed to play roughly one third of the game so I can’t really say anything too bad about it thus far.