Got this doozy from my friend Dann. Umm, I wouldn’t open it at work or in front of your kids… You are at the wedding… You’ve never looked better… Perfect dress, a perfect hairdo… and you meet the perfect man… On the dance floor, he’s by your side constantly, he dances like a God… You […]

Between a rock and a hard place

Another cute one from my buddy Lyns: Mrs. Smith goes to the doctor’s office to collect her husband’s test results. The lab tech says to her, “I’m sorry, ma’am, but there has been a bit of a mix-up and we have a problem. When we sent the samples from your husband to the lab, the […]

They’re assh*les!

Got this funny e-mail from a friend. Enjoy! A college professor was doing a study testing the senses of first graders using a bowl of Lifesavers. He gave all of the children the same kind of lifesaver, one flavor at a time, and asked them to identify them by color and taste. The children began […]

Too many burritos

Just got this from my friend Adrian. I damn near fell off my chair when I was watching it because it’s so damn funny. Be forewarned, you may want to turn the volume low on this. Nothing sexual or no cursing is involved, but you will embarrass yourself if you turn it up at work. […]