Watched the Fellowship

Well, it’s been roughly a year since I got the DVD, but I finally just finished watching it. I have only one word to say…


Only Braveheart surpasses this as the best movie I have seen in my life and it comes a real damn close second.

Grrrr Arrrgh

Ok, I’m confused as all hell watching this episode of Angel.

Of course, I could have just started watching Angel from the beginning of the season. Luckily, I happened to watch the last season of Buffy (Willow is one damn fine evil witch BTW) a few weeks ago so my mind is fresh with the Spike news. So, how did he happen to come back to life when you saw him get all shimmery in the sunlight as Sunnydale came down on him?

This Harmony girl, is this the same girl that got turned into a mouse waaaaay back in the early Buffy series?

Most importantly, what happened to Cordelia? She get killed off last season?

Hmmph, you miss a few seasons and things go wonky on ya.

Flippity floppity floop

Holy crap this is such a damn funny episode of South Park.

It’s actually the first instance I’ve seen about the whole metrosexual phenomenon on television.

South Park Screenshot
South Park Screenshot

Aaron who??

Tonight, I did something that I rarely do.

I cheered the Yankees as they came from behind to embarrass the Red Sox out of the World Series. I’m a Mets fan and I despise the Yankees, especially their fans. I’m also a Jet’s fan and can’t stand the Giants. However, if any of those teams are playing a Boston (or New England) team or a Philly team, I’ll be a temporary Giants or Yankee fan. I guess it’s a local sports thing and I really can’t stand Philly or New England teams. I think they teach us this stuff in kindergarten or something…

I feel bad for Boston fans though, because they should have won if they didn’t choke so damn hard in this game. I hate to admit it, but Boston fans should be out in the streets drunk with happiness…

I mean they were up 4-0 at one point.

When Martinez got in trouble in the eighth, he should have been immediately removed after Jeter was brought home by Willams’ single, no questions asked. The bone-headed decision by the management to keep him in the game cost them a trip to the World Series.

Maybe there is something to that curse.

Either way, now that Boston’s out of it, I really do hope that Florida kicks the Yankees’ ass. It probably won’t happen, but I’d hate to go through another winter of annoying Yankee fans boasting left and right about their team.