Heil Spike??

So why does Cordelia have to leave the show? Unfortunately, I missed most of the last couple of seasons of Angel, (I stopped watching it when Darla got pregnant) so I’m still a little clueless as to why she was in a coma in the first place. However, now that she’s officially killed off (though I can see her make a few more appearances in the future for ratings sakes), it kind of sucks because I liked her character a lot within the show. And you have to admit, seeing those two kiss was much better than him and Buffy smooching it out (I prefer Spike and the Buffster to be honest). Here’s a weird question… If Cordy and Angel did the nasty nasty, would Angel turn evil again or does that curse not have an effect anymore?

Seeing Lindsay (who would name a guy that??) again confused me even more because I thought he was killed off a while ago after Angel lopped off his hand. I remember way back in the earlier seasons, Angel let someone kill off everyone at W&H in their conference room. I forgot why, but I had thought Lindsay was one of those slaughtered in that episode.

Ok, so what the hell is up with next week’s episode? Spike a Nazi?!?!

She ain’t no Ella

I’ll have to admit that tonight is the very first time that I have ever seen an episode of American Idol. I will most likely never watch it again after witnessing this cavalcade of untalented crooners butcher some pretty good songs.

One thing I can’t believe from watching this show is that these people are really that bad. Could it be the least bit scripted or are they actors merely portraying horrendous singers? I mean you have to be kidding me with some of these people. Don’t they have any friends or relatives that care the least bit about them and their feelings? Sure, it takes some serious balls to get up there in front of that British guy and the millions of people watching. But, if one of my friends were to go on that show to try out and they sucked some mean ass, I’d definitely tell them they shouldn’t try out. I’m sure they rather hear me say that they suck as opposed to being ripped a new asshole in front of American TV viewers right?

Then again their friends could be playing a pretty cruel joke on them by letting them perform thinking they are worthy of a shot. Hell, there’s a few people I would love to do that to. Heh heh heh.

I’ll have to admit though, that guy that sang with the Donald Duck voice should have made it. That’s some serious ingenuity there…

My precious…

What a good New Years this day was.

Woke up at around 1pm with my schmoopie snuggled up next to me. We then decided to go see the final Lord of the Rings today at a local theatre (no worries Scott and Kim, I’m dying to see it again with the both of ya in IMAX very soon) and were just astounded at the final tale of this saga. I’m pretty jealous that I never got to see the first two parts of this movie in the theatre, but seeing the extended version of the first two films made me want to watch a longer version of this final tale. Oddly enough, even with it being a long movie, it didn’t feel like the entire story was told and that it was a little rushed. Watching the final one on the big screen was most definitely a delight. The battle scenes were beyond description, the intricate subplots of the first two films resolved beautifully and that ending just tugged at your heart strings ever so masterfully.

We were a little confused at the very end when those people left on a ship (don’t want to spoil it for anyone) because we did not know why that would happen. One thing’s for sure however and that is that I can’t wait for the extended version of this films to be released on DVD. I’d like to see the film as it was originally meant to be.

Afterwards we got some soups and salads at one of our favorite eateries and came back home to relax. Right now I’m watching one of my favorite episodes (“Number Twelve Looks Just Like You“) of The Twilight Zone during the Sci-Fi marathon and later on we are closing this New Years with some warmed sake.

Happy New Year all!

Utterly amazing

Devina and I finally got to watch “Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers” this past weekend (I saw the extended version for sale at the local CompUSA) and again, I am utterly blown away by the movie. We can’t wait to check out the final tale of this story which we’ll have to see very soon.

One thing bothers me though about one of the characters in the movie, Gandalf…

Now, what type of mage (sorcerer, wizard, all same thing right?) is he? I must admit I am rather new to this whole “Dungeon & Dragons” type of thing and the only real experience I have to anything of that nature are the games Diablo and Ultima Online. Granted UO and Diablo are to the RPG world as what Etch-a-Sketchs are to the modern day PDAs, you still have the different specialized characters much like the movie. All of the mages I have used in these games had cool powers like casting fireballs, earthquakes or lightning strikes or even changing into other animals and people. Gandalf really didn’t do this type of stuff (though his sorcery was definitely kick ass) and it has me a little confused as to what type of mage he is. Even the evil mage (Sauron was it?) didn’t do the “typical” mage stuff I see in the games I play. Are the mages in these tales made to adhere more strictly to the laws of physics and biology than those in modern day games?