You’re fired!

I have to say that I’m starting to really like The Apprentice. It doesn’t feel like one of those other tacky “reality TV” shows that are out now that have nothing to do with real life. This on the other hand is cool because it kinda shows what it takes to be a successful business person in today’s crazy world. However, it also highlights many of the unprofessional attitudes and less than stellar interpersonal skills that a great deal of people in management or other sections of the biz world have.

I’d like for either Troy or Amy to win. They both seem to have the best business sense and have both came through on many occasions thus far in the clutch when their project manager couldn’t come through. Tammy and Omarosa both need to go. Tammy does nothing but throw up road blocks and always seem like she doesn’t have a clue as to what’s going on. Omarosa just does not know how to treat her peers and did you see how she was playing basketball after she was “hurt?” Puh-lease… It’s amazing that she’s lasted this long in the series. As for everyone else, I’m pretty indifferent about them. However, I must admit that after watching this episode, Katrina and Heidi are on my list of people that definitely need to go. We’ll see how this series plays out from this point on.

On a side note, is it me or does Trump always walk around with a ridiculous pouty look on his face like he has to take a bad dump or something?

This is what we call the muppet show!

Is it me or can you not help but crack up every time Angel is trying to talk all serious while he is a muppet? I swear I just about died when Spike came in and they started fighting. What’s worse is that Spike got his ass kicked.

I didn’t realize that I missed last week’s Nazi episode. How was it? Was it decent at least? I’m not sure I like the direction this final season is taking now…

I wonder what happens next week if it’s a new show? Angel turns into a ballerina wearing a yellow polka-dotted tutu while singing the score to Evita and spanking Spike’s ass?

UPDATE: Well, now that the episode is done, I have to admit that I liked it, a lot. It was pretty damn hilarious and that part where he turned into a vamp, fawgeddaboutit! I was on the floor. Now whatever is going on between him and the wolfie chick and Fredd and Wesley makes things a little more interesting. I still say it’s a shame the show got the boot…

Angelus no more

Awe man, first Cordelia, and now the freaggin’ series.

Angel to end after 5 seasons

Personally, I thought the show was starting to get really good after Spike came into the mix. Of course, I didn’t get back into the series till this year’s season, it was definitely looking good to me. Hey wait a minute, couldn’t another station pick up the series, ala Buffy? You’ve gotta admit it still has a few strong seasons left in it.

Man this bites (no pun intended).

— Found via Melissa.

Say it ain’t so Millhouse

So Millhouse is the character that is leaving the show? I’d have pinned down the little old guy or Ralph Wiggam that was to be ousted from the show… But Millhouse? Why him? I kinda liked him…

UPDATE: Hmmm, seems like I jumped the gun. He came back and no one wound up leaving the show. Bummer. I really wanted Ralph off the show…