Yay! Pepto Bismol!

Is it me or is that new Pepto Bismol commercial the worlds most stupidest commercial at the moment? That and those Quiznos commercials…

Wha wha what?!

Ok, so someone please fill me in as to why Amy and Nick were fired. I didn’t remember about the show until Amy was fired. What in the hell happened?

Anyway, I like this twist they have going now where the old apprentice wannabes act as the employees. Devina and I agree that it was a mistake for Bill to take in his team members. For one, Katrina and Amy hate each other and also, Amy and Nick have a thing going with each other. Plus I’m not sure if anyone caught it, but we think Nick is going to tank and bring down Bill with him.

As for Kwame’s team… Omarosa was caught fucking it up yet again. Need I say more? Who the hell hires someone like her in real life? Can’t wait to see how this episode ends.

Update: Go figure, Devina just showed me this little interesting piece of news. Didn’t they catch this during the screening process of the show or was it perhaps on purpose? Hmmmm.

No, not Troy!

Damn… Welp, there goes my favorite to win it all and I have to say I am extremely surprised by the choices and things done today.

First off what the hell was up with Bill and Nick’s dad for messing up Nick’s chances for hooking up with Amy? I mean, if one of your boys looks like there’s a fighting chance he’s going to score, you don’t do the stuff they did. I mean jeez… Granted, I don’t think they make a good couple in the least bit, but if your boy’s got a fighting chance in getting some then you hook a brother up dammit. You have to figure the dad’s going be the ultimate Wing Man(r) right?? He was the biggest cock knocker of them all. Sheesh!

Second, I think Troy made a really bad mistake sending Bill up to the suite. I think Troy could have easily beat Bill when it came time to face Trump and besides, Kwame’s his friend. I wouldn’t want to send my friend to the board room like that if there was a possibility that he would have gotten fired. Besides, I like the dymanic between those two and they most likely would have been a better team to beat than Amy & Nick. There’s some volatility there that’s not going to go much farther I think.

Eh well, I was hoping for either Troy or Amy to take it all in the end. Looks like Amy’s my choice for the top spot now. I wonder what the hell Omarosa has in store for next week. Just when you thought the witch was dead eh?

Forgetful Lucy

We just got back from watching 50 First Dates and I have to say I really liked the movie. It had a few really hilarious parts and more parts that just didn’t make any sense, but it was quite good indeed. What I liked best about it is the chemistry between Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. They seemed to have a very charming and convincing chemistry in The Wedding Singer and it really seemed to Devina and me that they could very well be a couple in real life after seeing this film. Now that I think about it, I’d say they were the modern-day Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan duo that everyone loved to see in the 80’s and 90’s.

I wasn’t too crazy about Rob Schneider’s character in this film, but the scene where Drew was beating him with that baseball bat had everyone in the theatre bellowing with laughter. Shit, I think I snorted while laughing during that scene.

The really cool part about the film was the animals in the aquarium. I dug the penguin, but Jocko the walrus was the most kick ass character in the movie. I really didn’t know you could train walruses to act like that. Either way, Adam and Drew did a wonderful job in this flick and it’s definitely worth watching if you’re into cheesy comedic love stories. 🙂

Plus it has a pretty kick ass soundtrack of 80’s cover songs mostly done reggae style. Right after the movie, we went next door to the Barnes & Nobles and I picked up a copy. The sad part is that this is the first CD I have bought in a very long time. The last one was that piece of shit Metallica CD I wasted my hard earned money on last year. Yes, I’m still sore about that…

Hmmm, I just saw a trailer for The Punisher. I’m not sure how I feel about this as I loved the comic book growing up. I really hope they don’t mess this version up like they did the last one.