Bad boys, bad boys…

I just got back from a Microsoft course seminar I went to this morning and noticed Cops was on TV, so I decided to watch it and holy shit! Is it me or is it a hell of a lot gorier in the daytime than it is at night? Today’s was a homicide special and they were showing people that were just shot and found. There was this one poor girl that was shot and they showed her body slumped on the ground against a curb. They didn’t bother fuzzying up the actual gun shot area (the face yes though) so you saw the wound and all of the blood surrounding her body. They were taking evidence samples so you saw her blood soaked hands dripping and just stuff I didn’t think could be aired at 3:00pm while kids are most likely flipping through the channels. Then they showed some poor liquor store clerk who was shot as well. Again, they blurred the face, but everything else was clearly visible. I swear you could even see chunks of the guys brains on the floor.

Is it me or is this just the wrong thing to be showing during daytime network television? Then again, even earlier during the day I’m sure the Jerry Springer types of shows aren’t any better.


Eh, where are the white woman at?

Yeah, I have never done one of these…

Devina and I decided that we should play a drinking game tonight. So we decided to find a drinking game for “Blazing Saddles.” The rules are pretty simple:

Every time someone says a profanity or a racial slur, drink.

Easy eh? We figured that we would get wasted instantly, but nope. It was actually not as bad as we thought and you have to be a major lightweight to get trashed off this movie. The words are spread too far apart to do any real damage. So I decided to add two key additions:

  1. Whenever someone speaks to the camera, finish half your drink.
  2. Whenever you see the KKK, finish half your drink

There… That did the job so much nicer. Granted, I’ve got a major buzz now, we just passed the KKK part and they showed up 5 times I think… And there’s 2 times so far when someone speaks directly to the camera. Needless to say, we stopped drinking because the extra booze we just consumed within the past 5 minutes is surely going to put us over the edge. 🙂 w00t!

So, we both hope you all have a good Saturday night. We shall both leave you with this fine tune from the movie. If you have never seen it, shame on you. It’s one of Mel Brooks finest movies period. 🙂

I get no kick from champagne.
Mere alcohol doesn’t thrill me at all,
So tell me why should it be true,
That I get a belt out of you?
Some get a kick from cocaine.

Oh yeah, those cherry cokes (1 part Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, 1 part Amaretto, fill up with Coke) are kicking in… 🙂 Umm, we’re stopping the movie and ummm… Well, you know.

I’m Danny Crane

Image of SimpsonsI’m glad to see that The Simpsons contract has been renewed for the members of the voice cast and much deservedly so. Though, I am shocked to hear about how much Fox relies on The Simpsons for it’s revenue:

The loss of even a few episodes of “The Simpsons,” a bulwark of Fox TV’s schedule, would be financially painful for the network.

I mean wow… I really didn’t know this show was this network’s bread and butter. You know, if the execs at Fox played their cards right, they could own another show which will give them another revenue boost on another (or the same) day.


Think about it, Buffy/Angel fans are a pretty ravenous bunch almost to the level of your Star Trek fan. Yeah, I know comparing a Buffy/Angel fan to a Trekkie(er) is a wee bit excessive, but I think it’s generally true given the amount of loyal viewers each of these series generate. If Fox were to pick up Angel and let’s say put it on Sunday nights at 9pm (or 10pm) after Simpsons and Malcolm, they might all out rule Sunday nights in ratings. With “The Practice” coming off the air in a couple of weeks, is there really anything left to watch on Sunday nights? I can’t think of anything else that may be on which could keep people from tuning in. Scratch that, Matt just made me aware of the Sopranos and Six Feet Under which are both on Sunday nights. Not sure how well Angel would hold up against that badda-bing punch airing on HBO if they’re in the same time slot. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be placed on another day. 🙂

Speaking of “The Practice,” how kick ass was it that Ellenor knocked out that blonde lawyer at the end of last night’s episode? WHOOOOOOO MAMA! She pulled a Tyson on that poor girl, but she had it coming to her though, she really did. Even Devina admitted that she would have laid her out if she was talking to her like that. Imagine if Eugene’s first case was Ellenor vs. that blonda lawyer? What a hoot that would be…

Also, whoever hired William Shatner as Danny Krane is bloody brilliant. He was MADE for that role!

Congrats Bill

Image of Bill from The ApprenticeTwo words…

F*cking Omarosa. I am so glad Trump did what he did to her.

I would have liked Kwame to take it all, but he just picked a horrible team. Either way congrats to Bill for landing the job and I agree with his choice for the new position in Chicago.