Do televisions have an afterlife?

At the beginning of last month, I bought myself a small LCD TV from since they had a real sweet deal (roughly 30 bucks less than what they are offering now) on this 15-inch Sharp LCD television. It was delivered the very next day and you better believe that bad boy was set up that very night. The television looked and sounded amazing for the price I paid for it and I grew quite accustomed to it up until last week when it decided to stop working. Yup, I turned it off for the night and when I got up the next morning to catch the morning news, it would not turn on anymore. I thought that perhaps the power went out, but I heard my PC’s power supply fan buzzing along merrily and it couldn’t have been a power surge as that would have either turned off or rebooted my PC as well. So, I unplugged it and left it alone while I took my shower. When I came back, I plugged it back in and still nada. The damn thing refused to turn on, so off to work I went in a fairly miffed mood. Once I got back from work, I again tried to turn it back on and sadly, the piece of crap didn’t work.

I just finally got around to taking it off it’s wall-mount and I’m bringing it into work tomorrow so that I can run some power tests there and then calling it in for support. It’s still under warranty for the next 11 months so it will either get fixed or them bitches are giving me a new one. Needless to say, this is the last time I’m buying an electronics product from Sharp. I’ve been burned with a few of their piece of shit products in the past, so I should have known better this time around and bought that snazzy Sony LCD I was eyeing at the local Best Buy the week before. Sure, it was about 60 bucks more, but in all likelihood, I’d be watching the television in my room as I am writing this.

Anyway, speaking of television, did anyone catch this week’s Hell’s Kitchen? If so, what the holy hell is up with that Aaron chap? I mean I know he’s 48, but is he seriously that messed up to warrant crying on national television and acting like he’s 30 years older than he really is? I mean seriously and shame on Rock for not even considering him to be removed from the show. Dude, what the frig are you smoking? As far as the show is concerned, I’m thinking one of the ladies will take it this year which is a damn shame seeing that the men’s side has the sous and executive chefs.

What do you think?

Yet, I still ate a chicken pad thai…

I just saw one of the most disturbing things on the television just a short while ago. One of the cable shows I try to see every day is How it’s Made and the topics du jour were Phyllo dough, car radiators and chickens for chicken farms. Yup, you read that right…

Hatchery chicks.

Now, before you folks get your panties in a bunch, I should state that I am in no way one of them PETA freaks we all love to make fun of. Nor, am I one of those folks who support “sport” hunters you see scouring the forests looking for a bunny to shoot with their uber cop killer rifle of doom. Like most other of life’s important topics, my views are somewhere in the middle where I can both respect animals for the amazing beings that they are as well as delight in the possibility of one filling my tummy when prepared in a most appetizing fashion. I’m very much against their torture, but am an advocate for their use in scientific testing for the betterment of our species. Anyway, I’m venturing off from my original topic here…

So, I’m watching the special and just can’t help at feeling quite uneasy at how the chickens are treated like a cog on an assembly line. It does not look like they are being mistreated and I am sure they’re fed and cared for better there than if they were left out in the wild alone. However, there’s just something I find so terribly uneasy watching what they go through as soon as they are born right? It’s almost like the field of humans scene in the Matrix where you see the processing of the dead and new born children.

A little unnerving right? Well, considering you know where the little buggers will likely end up, you kind of feel bad for them.

Then again such is life right?

The Apprentice: Season Two

Is it me or does this season not do it for you after watching the first episode? Hands anyone?? Mine are way the hell up.

Devina made a comment about these candidates looking too much like actors and I agree with her perspective. I was in favor of Bradford, but then the dumbass talked and came up with that retarded football idea. None of these people do it at all for me, though that dude with the bowtie has some moxie.

Also, why did they concentrate on selling to boys? I mean, wouldn’t a PlayStation or XBox be more than enough for any kids nowadays?

Les Mis, Simpsons style

Holy crap!

I’m watching “The Simpsons” now and I just realized that Sideshow Bob’s prison number was 24601. That’s the same number Jean Valjean sported in Les Miserables. The episode is titled Black Widower in case any of you cats want to see it or read more about it.

That’s one of the tons of reasons I love The Simpsons so much and why I regard it as one of the most intelligent television shows out there, even today… It’s these small add-ins which makes this show so appealing to me even though I may have seen the episode a billion times. 🙂