Feel much better now… and I dropped a good 20 pounds from the fever sweats so I suppose that’s a good thing.

Not much going on new wise with the exception of yesterday’s Superbowl. Normally I do not watch them because they just got way too commercialized (the actual game I mean) for my tastes. However I try and watch the commercials and Dave learned alot of things yesterday.

  1. Pepsi is just going downhill now
  2. So is the moronic Ms. Spears
  3. If I smoke weed in the near future I will be helping the terrorists
  4. I still miss Guilianni
  5. Hawks totally rock as pets
  6. Why are they making a Blade and Men in Black 2??
  7. The horses were bowing to the remains of the Towers and not the Statue of Liberty people!
  8. The new Caddy looks like crap
  9. WTF is a Quizno?? No way it can beat Tastee’s Subs…
  10. Never ever fire a puppet
  11. No, I don’t really care about MLife

So the game went very well, even though I was one of the many out there who thought the Pats had about as much of a chance at winning as I have in driving a BMW M5 tomorrow. Needless to say, they won a fairly boring game and I am out an M5.

The half-time show only got good when U2 did “Where the Streets Have No Name.” is it me or does U2 not do it anymore for ya ever since they sold out and went pop?? Eh well, so the world turns… Malcom in the Middle was damn funny so it definitely was a good night after that. 🙂

Woah Angel’s puttin’ the moves on Cordelia… Atta boy make her squeal like the little…

Soooo anyway work today was less than uneventful. Just as I was going to work today there was a power line down on the street going to and fro scaring the living crap of the cop trying to keep us all from driving near it. I parked my car and just hoofed it to work only to be greeted with a power outage. Luckily, my good “oh shit our servers aren’t protected against a power failure” scheme worked flawlessly. Whilst all of the peons’ machines were nothing more than overpriced paper weights I was still browsing and chattin’ via aim on the way overpriced (and protected) servers.. 🙂

Ahhh, it’s good to be the king.


Danke schoen, dah’ling danke schoen…

Well, today I wound up oversleeping and working from home. Just haven’t been getting enough sleep lately so I decided to be a total bum today, stay in my jammies and just plain chill @ home. Though I realized a few things since I have been home thus far in the day…

  • Absolutely nothing is on TV
  • I can take care of a lot of errands
  • Nothing is on TV!!!

click for larger picSo I went through my tape collection to watch something in commemoration of my joyous day off. My eyes sparkled as I saw Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and I promptly popped it in and watched it… Ahhh, seems like a fitting movie for this day eh??

Well, after that was done, I was flipping through the channels and happened to stumble on Mr Roger’s neighborhood and figured that he scares me now… I loved the guy growing up but he’s just way too calm for his own good. I’ve never seen him get angry or anything like that, much like the painter guy on PBS that always painted the “happy” trees. What was his name?? Man I miss that guy… I bet he was always stoned while he was working. Lemme tell ya, back in the college days we used to get stoned watching him and you wouldn’t believe how much more sense his paintings made!!

Woooo! Tom and Jerry is on!!

So as I watch this cinematic masterpiece I shall end this here… Gotta get my share of toons.



Just got back from watching Monsters Inc with Devina and it wasn’t too bad of a flick… Pretty hilarious if I may say so myself in some parts and the computer animations are getting better and better. However we thought we would have the theatre pretty much all to ourselves since it’s been a while that the movie has been out. Wouldn’t ya know it, a whole gang of loud ass kids show up and blab ever so loudly. Then again it was a kid’s movie so what can ya do eh?? Just wish the parent’s raised them little bastards better and with proper manners…

However what really topped off the evening was one of Devina’s dad’s good friends happened to show up there. Now normally this isn’t a bad thing but it turns out this fucker was asleep 10 minutes into the movie and he was snoring so damn loudly!!!! Can you believe that shit?!?! Snoring at a kids movie??! We were laughing about it more than anything so I guess it was all good. Besides, he’s also one of Lennox Lewis’s trainers so I don’t think anyone would have had the guts to wake him up and let him know he was snoring… :-/

Ugh…. Need sleep… That’s it, my ass is going in late tomorrow to work, they can all kiss my Latino ass if they say anything about it. 😉