Here’s looking at you kiddo

Have I ever mentioned how much I love How It’s Made? I just saw the episode where they showed how ocularists create artificial eyes and it was so insanely cool. I must admit I have never met anyone with an artificial eye, so I had just assumed they painted a ball and popped it in. Turns out it’s not a ball but rather a cover that has an intense amount of work done on it to simulate an eyeball, complete with fake silk thread veins! I also did not know they were made to move in unison with the good eye too.

I wonder how much money an ocularist makes per artificial eye?

Here’s a nifty web episode on the same subject. There’s a couple of parts that look slightly creepy, so if you do not think you could handle seeing an empty eye socket, you may not want to watch.

I wonder if rats can make good vegetarian

Wow, so how’s about that episode of Hell’s Kitchen tonight eh? I won’t ruin the episode for anyone who might have Tivo’d it, but I was very happy to see the outcome of that asshat chef’s performance in the kitchen. I also agreed with the choice of the person who left and felt that what Chef Ramsey did for the person afterwards was above and beyond classy.

Speaking of haute cuisine, the chickie and I went to see Ratatouille this weekend and we really enjoyed it. The movie was very well put together, the animation was really well done and I had such a hard time picking out which actor played the voices in the movie. If you’d ask me, I couldn’t still tell you who played who. One of the cooler things I liked was the small lessons they had throughout the movie, such as the beginning restaurant scene where Remy was pointing out the roles each chef played in the kitchen. That and the tips Collette gave Lingiuni in terms of efficiently working with the food and keeping a proper layout in front of you. Luckily, there weren’t too many brats in the theatre with the exception of one that just would not shut the fuck up towards the end of the movie. Thankfully, his parents realized that he was interrupting the theatre and took him out to whine and cry outside. All in all if you enjoy food and have always wanted to see the basics of how kitchens function in a restaurant (rather humorously to boot), it’s definitely a movie to watch. It’s definitely not as gritty, scary and honest as let’s say Kitchen Confidential (Anthony Bourdain is teh <3!), but then again this is directed to kids.

After the movie we were starving so we decided to head on over to a restaurant that opened up somewhat recently near the theatre. Now, this is the first time either of us have ever been to a fully vegetarian place, so it was something we were both quite excited about. Well, maybe I was a little more excited than her, but nonetheless it was a new place and I LOVE finding new places to eat. So we get in and I’ll have to admit it’s not as visually appealing as it’s Union Square sibling, however the staff was very friendly and we were seated promptly. We gazed over the menu and asked each other various questions about what we thought each thing was and decided to try out the sampler for two to start out. We wound up enjoying only a couple of the items (the Smoked Beanloves and Yam Fries) on it and found the rest to be rather bland or entirely too smoky to enjoy. For our entrees I tried the ET (pretty much grilled veggies) and my lovey had the Dumpling Soup with Veggies. I found my dish to be not too bad, though it seriously could have used a flavor infusion of some sort. The chickie liked her soup with the exception of the dumplings which, to quote her, “tasted like dirt.”

Ohhh boy did they ever… 🙁

Sooo, after that we tried out the desserts. I had the cheesecake which would have been a heck of a lot better to me if they just served it without the blueberry sauce. She had the key lime one which looked kind of soupy to me when the waitress placed it in front of her. After a few bites, she neatly placed her napkin on it which pretty much assured we would never step foot in the place again. While it’s good that there are restaurants out there like this, this one just did not do it for us. Who knows, the chef might have had an off day, but I’d rather try the one in NYC one of these days just to see if the food might be better.

On the brighter side, I FINALLY got my haircut today and WOOOOOOOOO! It feels fantastic not brushing the hair off of my forehead now! 🙂

Sicko and how it might just wake some folks up

So a couple of weeks ago, the chickie and I managed to watch a “copy” of Michael Moore’s Sicko (now now, he stated that he doesn’t mind…) over at a buddy’s place and I would have to say that for the most part, I enjoyed the film. However, if you really keep in touch with the way most of the world views health care and the way we view health care, there really isn’t much of a surprise in the film. If you managed to have lived your life in a bubble, you should already know the health care system in this country is dismally broken and it really only serves to make the health care corporations richer and Americans poorer and sicker. Whereas in countries such as Canada, England and France (well heck most of Europe) have a more social aspect to their health care system. Meaning it’s more than likely either funded by the government or comes at an exponentially smaller cost when compared to what one gets charged in this country for health care. In those countries it would seem to me that health care professionals place the health of its citizens over making the large corporations which oversee health management more money.

My only gripe about the movie was that he made absolute sure to paint the US health care system in the worst light possible by highlighting some rather horrid cases. Then at the same time, painting Cuba, Canada, England and France in the best light possible by extolling the virtues of their socialized health care systems and talking about such things as government sponsored nannies. It doesn’t really paint accurate pictures of both situations and as in the rest of his movies, he really stretches things to attempt to draw the audience into the tale he is attempting to weave. I’ve been to the doctor regularly, I’ve been in hospitals and I would have to say that aside from the long waits, I’ve only had to pay my deductibles and have always had amazing service done. Granted I have not had major surgery yet, I have been in for what seemed to be a rather scary heart condition and came out of things ok all with some pretty hefty medical bills that my insurance promptly and completely took care of. Then I’ve talked to friends from outside the country who have had to wait ages for surgeries or have had surgeries to badly performed they’ve had to fly into the States to get fixed up. I’ve also known individuals whom did not have insurance get immediate and excellent health care for some rather serious conditions as well via charity care.

The question is how do we as a nation properly fix the shit we’ve put ourselves into with health care? Do we abolish all HMOs and all their ilk? Do we just line up all of the lawyers and lobbyists and shoot them in the head one by one? Do we mandate a government based health plan? Do we put more of the health care cost on the individual themselves along with some government assistance? Heck, Singapore does just that and they’ve got the best health care in the world, well according to the World Health Organization that is.

Honestly, I’d be all up for that last one only because the more we put the responsibility on ourselves to take care of our own health, the better off we would be in the first place. Fuck, if I knew I would have to fork over a wad of dough because my cholesterol went up from eating crap and not exercising, you better fucking believe I would never step foot in a Mickey D’s again and get my tubby ass into a gym pronto. I’d imagine in our society it’s just easier to pay your deductible, wait 30 minutes for your doctor to look at you for 5 minutes, be prescribed a few dozen of the lastest pills to hit the market, drive over to the mega mart, and then scarf down the cholesterol pills with your Big Mac with that big honking diet soda of course!

It’s Simpsons-mania!

With the Simpsons movie around the corner, everyone and their mom has something Simpsons related going on. Not to be trumped by this, Vanity Fair has put out their list of the ten best Simpsons episodes of all time. I’d have to say that I do not really agree with most of them:

  1. The President Wore Pearls
  2. Krusty Gets Kancelled
  3. Bart the Murderer
  4. Homer’s Enemy
  5. The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show
  6. Two Bad Neighbors
  7. Cape Feare
  8. Marge vs. the Monorail
  9. Bart vs. Australia
  10. Rosebud

For you Simpsons fans out there, what do you think about that above list? I don’t know, it seems to be missing the truly best ones out there, like the one where Bart sold his soul to the devil or my personal all time favorite, the one where the kids go to Duff Gardens! See, if this list were up to me, I would have used the following episodes. Note they really aren’t in any particular order because they all kicked so much ass. Though Selma’s Choice is tops for me.

  • Homer the Great – Homer becomes the leader of a secret cult in Springfield and Patrick Stewart, enough said… [video clip!]
  • Whacking Day – We find out Marge is quite the kinky minx, snakes fear for their lives, Barry White saves them all! [video clip!]
  • Last Exit to Springfield – Lisa needs braces… DENTAL PLAN! Lisa needs braces… DENTAL PLAN! Lisa needs braces… DENTAL PLAN! Lisa needs braces… DENTAL PLAN! Lisa needs braces… DENTAL PLAN! [video clip!]
  • Homer the Heretic – Homer skips church, Homer dances in his underwear, Homer chats with the big guy upstairs, the Feast of Maximum Occupancy is celebrated for the first time! [video clip!]
  • I Love Lisa – Ralph develops a Valentine’s crush on Lisa, Lisa crushes Ralph on national TV, Chief Wiggum retaliates. Lisa the heartbreaker, who would have thought it. [video clip!]
  • Homer’s Enemy – The episode where we meet Grimey, see Bart own a factory and see a dog made Executive Vice President of the power plant. [video clip!]
  • Lisa the Vegetarian – We learn why Lisa became a vegetarian, why you can’t win friends with salad, Lisa getting slapped in the face with a burger and she meets Linda and Paul McCartney! [video clip!]
  • Homer’s Triple Bypass – Homer gets his droodle, Homer gets brought back from death with a ham and Dr. Nick operates on Homer under the tutelage of Lisa. [video clip!]
  • Bart Sells His Soul – Come on! This episode was GREAT! In the Garden of Eden, Millhouse buying Bart’s soul, Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbag. Classic! [video clip!!]
  • Selma’s Choice – Selma takes the kids to Duff Gardens, Homer continues eating the rotten hoagie, “I am the lizard queen!”, and Jub Jub! [video clip!]

Well, there ya have it. Of course there’s so many more I would have included like the one where the crayon is removed from Homer’s brain, the one where Troy McClure marries Selma, the one where Sideshow Bob marries Selma, the one where Lisa and Bart are on opposing hockey teams, the one where Flanders tries to baptize the Simpson children, the one where Bart’s get a crush on the girl and you see her rip his heart out, the first Treehouse of Horror, oh my there are so many more. Yet none of the ones in my list were in the Vanity Fair list.

How’s about you folks? What are some of your favorites?