Jimmy walker… Used to say dyn-o-mite!

Man this show Scrubs is so eff’ing hilarious! To make things better, Jimmy Walker is on it (I thought he died of an OD)!!! DYN-O-MITE!. The Yanks are up 1-0 now so that’s cool as well. They got their asses handed to them this weekend but I expected it with the pitchers they faced.

I’m also gettin my ass kicked by Lynne here at dominoes (450-240) on Yahoo! To think just a few days ago she didn’t even know how to play by the right rules. Now she’s spanking me left and right (and not in a good way too)! Jeez, I created a monster here…

Ok, so WTF is up with this “Don’t go to the mall on Halloween” thing?? I’ve heard this ridiculous statement by so many people now that I’m wondering where this information is readily available? Can someone please clue me in as to what the deal is with this? So I take it the terrorists will be wreaking havoc at your local Bath and Body Works? Or better yet, every Abercrombie and Fitch will be blown up to smithereens? Hmmm, as a matter of fact I really would like to see that, I’ve always hated that cheesy ass store. While they are at it, they should also off the Old Navy and the Gap stores as well. Keep away from the Banana Republic though! I like the clothes in there and I saw this pair of pants I want to pick up next week after my ass gets paid.

Oh shit, tonight’s Mischief Night!!! Dammit! Man I just washed my car today too! Please please please let my car be egg/shaving cream free tomorrow when I see it… Man I miss going out and causing all sorts of hell on Mischief Night. Well, hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween! My ass is going be in East Brunswick staying at the Hilton. 🙂 I even tried hotwire.com to book the room and saved 150 bucks! Who woulda known? Stay at a super fucking sweet hotel like that for only 54 bucks!! Hehe…

Well, I need a shave and Lynne just beat my sorry ass 505-245, so I bid you all adieu.

It’s called diclosure you dickhead!

Still recovering from this weekend… Still way too tired and I don’t even wanna be @ work now! Just wanna be snuggled up in bed with the windows wide open and under a comforter. Oh well, this pays the bills.

So let’s see, this weekend I drove up to the Palisade’s Mall with Devina to check the place out. I must admit I was quite impressed with that mall which is a lot to say because I hate malls with a passion. But every store I wanted was in the place. I got two sets of speakers and a notebook LAN card for myself at the Best Buy. Then we hit the Target to look for those little plastic hook thingies you put in the bathroom which we didn’t find either way. Then we went to see Iron Monkey at their theatres. The movie itself was not too bad and I really liked the cheesy fight scenes, but I am still way too spoiled by the Loews down in New Brunswick. I just can’t seem to find a theatre that can compare with the New Brunswick one. 🙁 The seats at this theatre we went to were just as cushy, but the sound really sucked ass and the place was just too small. Eh well, it’s not like I go to to movies every weekend or something, so who cares.

The best part of the mall stay was when we hit the Barnes and Noble to look around for books to buy and we went insane. First off, we went to the language section and I laid my eyes upon the best book I have ever seen in my life! I forgot what it’s called, but it shows you how to talk dirty in seven different languages!! Hey, you’ll never know when you have to yell out “Why not grab that whip for me” in Portugese or German right?? Alas I did not spend all of my money on similar smut… I also got a really kick ass Looney Tunes book as well as three Star Trek series books (DS9, TNG, and Voyager) to completely satiate the inner geek in me. The look I got from the very cute cashier was priceless as she scanned the eclectic set of books I was looking to buy. I wonder what was going through her mind??

After the movie we went to our usual pool spot, Herberts and played roughly 5 games of pool and swilled down our usual brews (Sam Adams for me and Guiness for her). One of the coolest things about my relationship with Devina is that the trash talkin’ never ends (especially when we are in the middle of a nice and hearty contest).

Of course I kicked her ass thoroughly, (5-zippo) so it looked like my trash talkin’ worked.

The next day I chilled at home mostly watching movie favorites of mine which included The Princess Bride, Trading Places and My Cousin Vinny. Now, I must admit that Marisa Tomei is such a major hottie in that movie… Especially in that scene where they are in that hotel room and they get into the dialogue about the torque and the leaky faucet!! *shudder* Oh man, she can talk shop with me anytime!

Lights, camera… Action!

Ok, how cool can this be???

I get home today and notice that there is no parking allowed on my street. Then I notice that there are 9 cars that look like the car that Sylvester Stallone drove in Cobra parked right in front of my house. So, I come upstairs and ask why no one is allowed to park on the street and why the kick ass cars are parked outside. It turns out they are filming a segment for a movie right on our corner!!! See, what sucks the most about this is that my sorry ass will be @ work wondering which star will be walking down my block… How cool can that be?!?! Could it be Samuel Jackson? Or how about Demi Moore? Ooooh or Mr. Pink himself, Steve Buschemi? Or Salma Hayek??!! Oh yeah! That’s what daddy wants… 🙂

Well, not much has been going on in the last few days here on this end other than bug fixes and random hang outs (jeez, I am such a geek). I’m looking to set up a new feature that I hope takes off… Think of it as an exchange for CD mixes for those of you who like to burn your own CDs such as myself. I want to be able to show all of my CDs which I have made and have everyone else add their mixes as well. Kinda like a sharing service in a half-assed sort of way. Well, I’ll be working on it this weekend hopefully.

I finally got our DSL modem and had the biggest bitch of a time getting it to work. But it’s a pretty cool modem actually, almost like a brouter (bridge router to be exact). Not only is it a modem, but it also has the ability to control a small LAN. So for you techie types, I shall explain further… For you non-techie types, skip down to the next paragraph.

It’s got a built-in DHCP server, so I tweaked it a bit to control the 3 machines we have in this house (my sis’s, my bro’s and my laptop). I hooked it up to the up link on my 8-port 10/100 switch, which then goes out to each of our PC’s. Then on each PC we have NeoWatch running as the firewall software and wouldn’t ya know it?? 3 minutes after the install, people are already sniffing out port 25, 21, 23, and like 10 other ones… Damn!!! These guys truly have no lives! Fortunately, no outside ports are open so we’re fairly safe… Dammit, some pig fucker just tried to pingbomb me!!! Eh well. Who cares, they can’t take me down. Gotta love Win2k! Ok, now that the geek babble is over with, let’s just say I am very happy with the speedy DSL connection. Hell it’s faster than the shitty ass connection we have @ work?!?! Sick ain’t it?

This freaking hot ass weather has me so depressed… I hate warm weather of any type and this weather is no exception. I want it to get cold!!! Screw this damn Indian summer bullshit, I want it nice and chilly! I want to be able to snuggle up in my comforter while I am asleep and wake up to a nice and cold floor. Isn’t that the best though, you get the comforter nice and warm from the dryer all smelling Downy fresh and blam!!!! Jump right in and go to snooze land… Call me sick if you want, but that’s how I like it. Well, it doesn’t seem to warm out so I’m opening the windows and hittin’ the hay! See y’all tomorrow!


So today, I am nicely going through fixin’ up some of my code making things all pretty and presentable. As I finish saving stuff from the development site and moving it to the live (this one) site, I run my usual tests to make sure I didn’t break anything and I get the dreaded javascript error!

I decide to be lazy and work on it when I get back to my place tonight. Thus my weary ass drives down to Bridegwater Commons to go watch Zoolander with Devina. The theatres there pretty much suck ass (General Cinema or something along those lines), but that’s all because I am very spoiled by the enormous Loews theatres in New Brunswick. The screen was way too small, the seats didn’t recline well enough, the sound was horrible, so it didn’t set the stage for me to enjoy this movie. Zoolander was a very stupid flick, but it did have some freaking hilarious moments in it. They reminded me of what Austin Powers would have been like if the director was tripping on some good ‘shrooms. Will Farrell (AKA Alex Trebek on SNL) and Jerry Stiller (AKA George’s dad on Seinfeld) really did make the movie for me though. Those guys are just too funny when you put them in the right situations. I would recommend watching this movie if you’re in one of those really stupid weed-induced gleeful highs. Otherwise, wait for it to come out on DVD. Thank god those tix were free! 🙂

Anyway, I’m really tired when I get back to my place, so I still decide to work on the coding problem from earlier in the day. After sifting through the hundreds of lines of code I have for this site, I couldn’t find anything wrong with my code. However, after a brilliant stroke of luck (and after wolfing down some rather tasty Goya flan) I decided to look in the database and sure enough… A stray piece of shit worthless little peon of a tick mark cause my hours of debugging anguish.