Are you the master of your domain??


The masturbation episode of Seinfeld is on right now and Elaine just plopped down her hundred bucks!!! Man I miss this damn show too much… McGreevy won as Joisey’s head bitch in charge so I suppose this is a good thing. I actually didn’t vote this time around because I think all of the candidates (except for the independent dood, Schluter or something along those lines) are all fucking morons who couldn’t keep a KMart in order let alone this state. Eh well, I give this idiot one month to have everyone in this state hate him.

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and it is still fresh in my mind. So I shall pose it to everyone out there in fun land to ponder as well. The topic of our discussion was the definition of passion. To really describe it, we were both left speechless. I mean the way she described it, it sounded a lot like love but it really isn’t love. Love is a positive: happy and smooshy feeling. Passion can also be a very negative feeling, like a passionate angry person in a fight. To me passion is more encompassing of the rawest emotions: love, happiness, hatred, jealousy. I mean you can be passionate about your job, your lifestyle, sex, or even when screaming in anger towards someone, so how do you define that?? My closest guestimate (yes, that’s a tech-ism) would be having a strong emotion towards something, but then it sounds like such a crappy definition of that word so we’re back to square one. Oh well, one of these days I’ll find a worthy meaning for that word.

Wow! You know something? That new show 24 is pretty freagin’ sweet! I must say it had my attention throughout the entire episode and I love that whole mini-plot thing it is trying to do… I’m freagin’ addicted now after only one show! Eh well, there goes Buffy for at least one season (well, I can still tape ’em and WTF is up with them singing in this recent episode? Are they that desperate for a plot?) If you haven’t had a chance to watch it, it’s playing again Friday night on Fox networks. Definitely try and see it. And that new Sprint/AOL instant messenger commercial with the monkeys is soooooooooooo hilarious!! Have ya seen it yet!?!? Oh well, my ass is sleepy and tired (yes, this log entry took me almost 4 hours to create, shut up) so I shall bid you all adieu.

I get knocked down!

Ahhh, it’s one of those nights tonight… Very chilly, nice and windy, I can see the stars and all is right in the world at this moment. 🙂 I live for these nights, when you can just step out and wake up from that good nipply chill in the air. Aside from this great night, things have been going well on this end.

The Yanks lost yesterday which actually put a smile on my face… Hell! My sis and I were jumping for joy when Gonzalez hit that blooper! Now you may be asking how can we be happy that the Yanks lost being that we live roughly 3 miles from the city??


We’re both Mets fans and we’re both so sick of the Yanks winning that they deserve a kick in the ass. Like Chris Rock says, “Ain’t no one above an ass whoopin’!” Besides, there’s nothing better that rubbing in a Yankees fan face how bad their precious team lost. You’re lucky you didn’t lose it earlier if it wasn’t for that moron Kim on the Diamondbacks relief squad. I mean come on, you watch him blow a good lead and then you pitch him the night after only to watch him fuck it up again?!?! I must admit however, that the Diamondbacks exercised some pretty poor taste in their victory song yesterday. It turns out they played ol’ blue eye’s “New York, New York” and just 10 seconds into it, the song got cut off by the sounds of explosions and bombs dropping which was then followed by that C&C Music Factory song. Now come on you silly shitheads. C&C music factory?!?! You couldn’t also get Tubthumping or the latest N’Synch as well??!! Christ, you ass backwards Arizona folk need some help. The sounds of bombs dropping wasn’t too smart as well, but what can you do? I mean it is Arizona.

Just got a webcam for my laptop this afternoon from and this whole webcam chat thing is going by really well, spent the last 4 hours having a nice web chat with Lynne and watching her and Summer have fun this fine day. Too bad it only really works well in Yahoo! Messenger because it would be a nice touch in AOL Instant Messenger. I can see myself gettin’ really addicted to this… LOL jeez, what a geek I am!

So anywayz, this weekend went pretty well. Did nothing but lounge around the house fixing up things that had to be fixed and then I went to play pool yet again. Oooh! Then Devina and I watched a few great flicks. Princess Bride again just because you can never get enough of “you killed my father, prepare to die!” Another classic quote:

Inigo: “Vizzini, he can fuss.”
Fezzik: “Fuss, fuss. I think he likes to scream at us.”
Inigo: “Probably he means no harm.”
Fezzik: “He is very very short on charm.”
Inigo: “You’ve a great gift for rhyme.”
Fezzik: “Yes, yes, some of the time.”
Vizzini: “Enough of that.”
Inigo: “Fezzik, are there rocks ahead?”
Fezzik: “If there are, we’ll all be dead.”
Vizzini: “No more rhymes now, I mean it.”
Fezzik: “Anybody want a peanut?”
Vizzini: “Gahhh!”

Then after that I decided to torture her with the cult classic Evil Dead 2. Which is one of my all time favorites. Of course she did not find it as amusing as most of us guys do, but what can ya do? If you’ve never seen it before, (shame on you) be prepared for one of the most hilariously stupid-ass flicks you will ever see in your life. The best part about the movie is the one liners (“Groovy”) and the facial expressions that Ashe (main character) makes. Then after ya watch that head on over and watch the sequel, Army of Darkness. You will not be disappointed. 🙂

This weekend is a business trip to Philly. Yay! Nice hotel room yet again! Woo hoo! And this time I will not forget my laptop, tee hee! Though chances are I may hit Club Egypt and check it out. It’s been like 2 years since I have been there last. It’s definitely not the same caliber as the NYC clubs I am used to hitting, it should be relatively fun. Hell, if not there’s always the Dave & Busters right across the street! 🙂



Damn tired…

Though I just watched the Yanks lose!

Oh man was it worth staying up a bit longer 😉 Me and my sis are doing the dance of joy. Now I can sleep well…

Trick or treat, smell my feet!

Well well well…

Looks like nothing major happened yesterday except for a big lack of trick or treaters everywhere I drove. That’s all everyone at my job complained of after they spent tons on getting candy for the tikes. I think it’s a damn shame when kids can’t enjoy a good day like Halloween, but at least “The Great Pumpkin” was on for all to enjoy. It’s been sooooo long since I saw that Peanuts special that it brought back so many cool memories. Mostly of coming back home and enjoying the night’s loot while watching that special.

Well, the Hilton I stayed at yesterday wasn’t half bad. The coolest part was that they had an original Nintendo there, so we were playing Super Mario Brothers! What pissed me off the most was that they had LAN jacks installed in the room, so I could of had a wicked fast connection surfing the net… Yah yah yah, I know… I’m a geek… Screw off! 😉 The best part of the night though is that I had dinner at Evelyn’s which is this awesome Lebanese restaurant in the middle of New Brunswick. Let’s see, I had some tabouleh, bah bah ganoujh (sp?) hummus, grape leaves and a big fat ass falafel! However, eating there made me realize how much I miss living down there. See, while attending college (back in ’93) till this past summer I was living in the New Brunswick area for roughly 5-6 years, so I got very used to the lifestyle there. Being a college town, New Brunswick is a very diverse area with different things to do and places to eat which kinda keeps ya busy. With me being a huge “let’s try new foods” fan that I am, I loved it there.

When I moved away, I was pretty psyched because I am a 2 minute car drive into New York City and all of the good stuff there is to do there, but I still missed the New Brunswick area. So I made a vow that by next June, (I hope at least) I will be living in the area again. Granted it’ll put NYC about 30 miles away, it’ll still take me less than a half hour for me to get in like it did before. Ummm… Granted there’s no traffic at the tunnels.

OMG!!!! Karen just e-mailed me this image!!! How lucky is this guy?!?! He took a photo with Asia at the New York City anime convention last week!!! Dammit, I wish I were more of an anime fan!