Jimmy walker… Used to say dyn-o-mite!

Man this show Scrubs is so eff’ing hilarious! To make things better, Jimmy Walker is on it (I thought he died of an OD)!!! DYN-O-MITE!. The Yanks are up 1-0 now so that’s cool as well. They got their asses handed to them this weekend but I expected it with the pitchers they faced. I’m […]

It’s called diclosure you dickhead!

Still recovering from this weekend… Still way too tired and I don’t even wanna be @ work now! Just wanna be snuggled up in bed with the windows wide open and under a comforter. Oh well, this pays the bills. So let’s see, this weekend I drove up to the Palisade’s Mall with Devina to […]

Lights, camera… Action!

Ok, how cool can this be??? I get home today and notice that there is no parking allowed on my street. Then I notice that there are 9 cars that look like the car that Sylvester Stallone drove in Cobra parked right in front of my house. So, I come upstairs and ask why no […]


So today, I am nicely going through fixin’ up some of my code making things all pretty and presentable. As I finish saving stuff from the development site and moving it to the live (this one) site, I run my usual tests to make sure I didn’t break anything and I get the dreaded javascript […]