Well first off, welcome to my little neck of the woods. The name’s Dave and I’ve been doing this semi-regularly since the latter part of 2001. Below is a wee bit of information with regards to the site and yours truly.

The author

I guess I’m your typical introverted geek who works in the information technology field. More to come later when I finally get around to updating this bit of text.

The domain

Not sure why I exactly picked out the current name for this place, other than the fact that it sounded rather groovy. My blogs have been though a fair number of names though, ranging from the original to the later and I took a hiatus from the blog world and opened up a nifty little livejournal which served it’s purpose quite well for a couple of years. Eventually, I grew fairly frustrated by the limited nature of running on a hosted blogging service, so I tried Vox for a wee bit but that grew quite tiring even sooner. So, back I went to the land of the home grown blogs and re-opened again, transferring all entries from my old blog and my livejournal entries in one fell swoop. Things went fairly smoothly for a while until a bunch of my friends started complaining that the content filters at their jobs were blocking my site. Can’t really say I was surprised by that given fact the rather NSFW name I’ve been using all of this time so, I figured a new name was in order and orationfixation was born.

As far as what’s under the hood, this is running the ever popular WordPress and has been hosted by the nifty folks at Dreamhost for the past 3 years or so.

I’m sure more information will grace this page once I find the time to. Enjoy!