Here’s looking at you kiddo

Have I ever mentioned how much I love How It’s Made? I just saw the episode where they showed how ocularists create artificial eyes and it was so insanely cool. I must admit I have never met anyone with an artificial eye, so I had just assumed they painted a ball and popped it in. Turns out it’s not a ball but rather a cover that has an intense amount of work done on it to simulate an eyeball, complete with fake silk thread veins! I also did not know they were made to move in unison with the good eye too.

I wonder how much money an ocularist makes per artificial eye?

Here’s a nifty web episode on the same subject. There’s a couple of parts that look slightly creepy, so if you do not think you could handle seeing an empty eye socket, you may not want to watch.

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I’ve seen the eyes made before, surely it must have been on tv, too… I can’t imagine an instance in my life in which I would have witnessed it first hand. Anyway, they’re quite impressive.

I’ve a joke for you:

There is a guy with a wooden artificial eye at a dance, with his good eye he spots a rather cute girl across the way and goes to ask her to dance. Turns out she has an artificial leg. He asks her, and she says, “Would I? Would I!”

And he glares and says, “Peg leg!” and walks away.


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