Take me home tonight

So I am almost somewhat settled into the new place and lawdy lawd am I bloody tired of the whole moving process. On top of that, it’s also very odd and somewhat unsettling not having someone here to chat with. I’ve been living with someone else for so long that I feel out of place not having another person around to talk to. With time, I am sure that unsettling feeling will clam down some, but man does it sometimes suck.

Anyway, the new place is quite nice and I am not used to having so much living space to fill up. The major plus is the four minute commute to work and the less than eight minute access to at least a dozen restaurants, two shopping centers, Target, Lowes and three major highways. The major drawback to this complex is that parking is pretty sparse so if you get here past a certain time, you will need to park quite a distance from your flat. The area looks to be somewhat safe, though I am guessing by the $400 dollar a year hike on my auto insurance (screw you Geico!) it’s not as safe as my old town was. I’ve met a couple of neighbors and they seem nice as well. My next door neighbor however, scared the Jeebus out of me when I was moving in. She’s a nice little old lady, but she wears those funkadelic wrap-around ultra-dark sunglasses and seemed to have forgotten the lesson on the appropriate amount of time to maintain a hand shake. Note to those of you who may have failed the class as well, any handshake lasting longer than 45 seconds is entirely too long and on the borderline of being psychotic. That is unless you happen to find the person extremely attractive and you’re stuck in a euphoric moment of clarity where you are envisioning the white picket fence and 2.5 kids. Sadly, in this particular instance, her white beard, liver spots and clammy hands did not elicit any type of amorous feelings from me. So you better believe that this exchange of pleasantries was way fucking uncomfortable yo! She did seem like a really nice lady and I am sure one of these days I’ll be suckered into sharing tea and crumpets while listening to NPR or watching The Price is Right with her.

The one thing I was not crazy about when moving into my place was the smell of the freshly refinished floors. The place still stinks of lacquer goodness and because of the humidity during the last week and a half (and the next few days, grrrr) the smell will not go away quickly enough. The floor isn’t even nice and slippery either so I can’t do my funky Tom Cruise “Risky Business” impression (sans the tidy whities though, can’t bloody stand them) either. Looks like my first major purchase will be a dehumidifier to quicken this drying process. Bummer!

Click to embiggen I’ve got some funky ideas as far as decorating the place to my liking and it will take me a bit of time to achieve a lot of my plans. Of course, the one spot in my place that just had to be finished as soon as I was settled in is pictured to the left. Just missing a nice photograph or picture to the left of the top shelf and I’ll be all set… The next area to conquer with my mediocre decorating skillz is going to be my bathroom followed by the kitchen. The bedroom and living room will take the longest to complete because I’ll need a fair amount of furniture to achieve the looks I want. If repainting the place would not be such a bitch and a half, I’d also do a little bit of it here. However having been through that process in the past, there’s no way in hell I’ll subject myself to that in the future.

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It’s been great chatting with you again 🙂 It feels like it had been so long since we kept e-bumping into each other. I missed you!!

Hey! Thank you very, very much for the comment you left me. I’ve already left my response to you regarding that on my site.

Happy New House for you! I went through all of that at the end of 2005, when my Yankee boyfriend and I called it quits and I returned here to South Africa. It’s quite an adjustment living on one’s own again after so long, but you’ll see, privacy and the freedom to have coffee at 3 am ain’t so bad at all.

LOVE your geriatric sunglass-sporting neighbour! Watch out now! That lingering handshake means that there is a passionate heart beating still in that sagging (I assume) chest. Just don’t get caught in the beard when she leans in for that first kiss!!! 🙂

Why thanks for the house warming wished Redsaid! 🙂 Hehe, yeah I’m finding walking around in my skivvies is quite fun when there isn’t anyone else around running away in fright. 🙂

Hrrm, I don’t suppose you get much sleep drinking coffee at 3am eh? 😉

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