I wonder if rats can make good vegetarian

Wow, so how’s about that episode of Hell’s Kitchen tonight eh? I won’t ruin the episode for anyone who might have Tivo’d it, but I was very happy to see the outcome of that asshat chef’s performance in the kitchen. I also agreed with the choice of the person who left and felt that what Chef Ramsey did for the person afterwards was above and beyond classy.

Speaking of haute cuisine, the chickie and I went to see Ratatouille this weekend and we really enjoyed it. The movie was very well put together, the animation was really well done and I had such a hard time picking out which actor played the voices in the movie. If you’d ask me, I couldn’t still tell you who played who. One of the cooler things I liked was the small lessons they had throughout the movie, such as the beginning restaurant scene where Remy was pointing out the roles each chef played in the kitchen. That and the tips Collette gave Lingiuni in terms of efficiently working with the food and keeping a proper layout in front of you. Luckily, there weren’t too many brats in the theatre with the exception of one that just would not shut the fuck up towards the end of the movie. Thankfully, his parents realized that he was interrupting the theatre and took him out to whine and cry outside. All in all if you enjoy food and have always wanted to see the basics of how kitchens function in a restaurant (rather humorously to boot), it’s definitely a movie to watch. It’s definitely not as gritty, scary and honest as let’s say Kitchen Confidential (Anthony Bourdain is teh <3!), but then again this is directed to kids.

After the movie we were starving so we decided to head on over to a restaurant that opened up somewhat recently near the theatre. Now, this is the first time either of us have ever been to a fully vegetarian place, so it was something we were both quite excited about. Well, maybe I was a little more excited than her, but nonetheless it was a new place and I LOVE finding new places to eat. So we get in and I’ll have to admit it’s not as visually appealing as it’s Union Square sibling, however the staff was very friendly and we were seated promptly. We gazed over the menu and asked each other various questions about what we thought each thing was and decided to try out the sampler for two to start out. We wound up enjoying only a couple of the items (the Smoked Beanloves and Yam Fries) on it and found the rest to be rather bland or entirely too smoky to enjoy. For our entrees I tried the ET (pretty much grilled veggies) and my lovey had the Dumpling Soup with Veggies. I found my dish to be not too bad, though it seriously could have used a flavor infusion of some sort. The chickie liked her soup with the exception of the dumplings which, to quote her, “tasted like dirt.”

Ohhh boy did they ever… 🙁

Sooo, after that we tried out the desserts. I had the cheesecake which would have been a heck of a lot better to me if they just served it without the blueberry sauce. She had the key lime one which looked kind of soupy to me when the waitress placed it in front of her. After a few bites, she neatly placed her napkin on it which pretty much assured we would never step foot in the place again. While it’s good that there are restaurants out there like this, this one just did not do it for us. Who knows, the chef might have had an off day, but I’d rather try the one in NYC one of these days just to see if the food might be better.

On the brighter side, I FINALLY got my haircut today and WOOOOOOOOO! It feels fantastic not brushing the hair off of my forehead now! 🙂