Sometimes a name change is nice

You know, there’s nothing worse than stepping out of a nice cold shower on a hot summer night only to start perspiring again. Ugh, it’s so freaggin’ HOT out and our piece of shit central air is not working. Please, someone just fast forward time to oh, let’s say mid to late October when the weather is more agreeable to me ‘k? Thankyouloveyoubyebye!

You may have noticed something a little peculiar on your way to this place. Yup, the domain name changed. Now now, did not expire and I still own it. However, a crapload of my personal friends gave me some serious flack because my old domain name was blocked at their jobs. Since many of them seem to have nothing better to do than check out their friend’s blogs while they are supposed to be working, they did not find this situation acceptable. So, when the time came to renew my domain, I took advantage of a very good deal on a new domain, so was born. Now why did I choose such a really freaking weird name? Beats the shit out of me to tell you the truth, but I kind of liked the ring of it as I was trying to come up with something memorable. So fellow readers, you might want to change your bookmarks because I’m stuck with this domain name for at least a year, hehe.

Anyway, I’ve been pretty busy as of late securing the new digs which quite fortuitously, wound up being a whopping 5 minutes away from work! Oh yeah folks! My commuting costs went down to practically nil because of the new place which I hope to be in by August 1st, assuming that my brother can help me move the big stuff. Ever since them friendly folks at the oil companies decided to give us all the un-lubed backdoor plunge (without the bloody courtesy of a reach around even!) at the gas pump, I’ve been dropping roughly 40 bucks a week to keep me going to and from work on a daily basis. While I’m certain most of you folks have a much higher pump payout, I wasn’t having any more of this when choosing a new place. With this move, I’ll likely be spending that much money per month, which greatly appeases me. Oh yes it does.

As far as what’s in the new place, it’s not too shabby. I’m in a corner block which means I am in a somewhat secluded location and surrounded by windows (hello awesome daytime lighting!). Hardwood floors throughout and a larger kitchen (though there is an electric stove, which I’m not too fond of). The living room is roughly the same size and the dining area size is not too bad. The bedroom has one of the larger closets available and there’s another very spacious one out in front which gives me a gobs of storage space. There’s a good amount of parking available and I’m only a few doors down from the manager’s office. This is good because I know I’ll be in a relatively quiet area since I think she lives in the unit above it. One of the nicer things is that one of my work mates lives in the same complex, so it will be nice having a neighbor I know there. All in all I’m pretty stoked about the place, though it will definitely feel very strange living alone somewhere finally.

Hopefully I’ll acclimate to the lifestyle change fairly quickly.

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Congrats on the new place! “Stoked” Wow, that was a word I used to use a lot!!

Hehe, thanks! Yh, I use “stoked” every once in a while. I like playing it old skool sometimes. :p

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