Free speech for the dumb

While I am sitting here waiting for the Theraflu to kick in and work it’s magic on me, I figured I should at the very least update.

  • The chickie wasn’t feeling too hot after her trip (looked like death incarnate more like it) to Georgia earlier in the week, so being the dutiful other half that I am, I went to bring her some get well goodies and attempt to take care of her. Of course one of the major drawbacks of doing this is catching the very illness which has stricken her and boy did she do a number on me. I do not think I will be as bad as she was when she got back, though my throat hurts like a bitch. Luckliy, she brought over some of the meds I got her last week and I’m now waiting for them wondrous Theraflu molecules to work their mojo on my body.
  • Early last week, my friend Jane and I went to one of my favorite eateries in Princeton to catch up over some dinner as it’s been a bit of time since we hung out. We of course chatted about our lives, she showed me her cool new phone, I told her some of the more interesting things about working at my job and then we got to talking about other local restaurants and other places she would be interested in eating at. It was pretty cool seeing her, but my dumb ass forgot to bring my camera again to take a snapshot of us for my MySpace. Hey Jane, next time we hang remind me to bring my cam!
  • A few weeks ago my friend Tasha (Hey sunshine! How ya feeling?) was reading through this little ol’ place and managed to find a very early post where I was talking about a tape she made me. Well, she kindly reminded me that people do not listen to tapes anymore so she burned me a CD with the same songs with a couple of changes. Pretty bitchin’ eh??
  • My roomie gave me the unfortunate news last week that he is moving to a new place which is closer to his job. While I’m happy for the guy since his commute sucks ass, this has placed me in a rather not so great position as I need to find a new place to call home as well. One of the more positive things is that this means I will live much closer to work, which means I will spend less money on commuting costs and I can sleep in later. Plus I can also scratch of number 20 on my list! However, one of the major drawbacks is that I will wind up living considerably farther from the chickie which makes Dave sad.
  • I’m a huge fan of “interesting” remakes of songs, especially from or of my favorite bands. One such gem of a band I happened to come across this weekend is this bluegrass group called Iron Horse. It turns out they churn out their own stylized brand of kick ass twang from songs of bands such as Van Halen, Black Label Society, Sabbath, Led Zep and my all time favorite band, Metallica. I got a hold of their Fade to Bluegrass and holy shit are their covers pretty freaggin’ amazing! Some people reading this might be scoffing at me for digging this, but it’s definitely interesting and I’m hooked! Can’t wait to get their other albums.

Alrighty, I can feel the meds coursing through my veins and boy do I feel all sorts of good and sleepy. Mmmm sleeeeeeeep.