The art of the smooch

Did a few updates here to the grandiose blog of mine.

As you can see to the right, my Twitter status is now being displayed. If you do not know what Twitter is, it is a pretty neat little service where you can instantly update what you are doing at any time of the day via the web, your cell phone or some of the popular instant messengers around. If you happen to subscribe to the service, feel free to add me as a buddy there. I have also enabled the fantablous gravatars in the comments area. So, if you happen to use that nifty service, you will see your gravatar right next to your name anytime you leave your comment so long as you use the same email address. Speaking of which, I also enabled registrations so feel free to register there is you are so inclined.

Anyway, enough of that funky stuff.

I was browsing the intarwebs the other day and happened to come across this doozy, How to Kiss Someone Passionately. While it has to be one of the most hilarious tutorials I have seen on the net, I would have to admit that there is some really good information to be found there if you happen to know someone who is impaired in the arts of the smooch. I know if this was out back when I was fooling around with a few people in my younger years, it would have made make-out sessions a lot more pleasurable.