Lapsang Souchong is some agonizing stuff

I’m sure some of you know that I’m a huge fan of PBS and the programming on it, especially some of the cooking shows on them. One in particular is a huge favorite of the mine and the chickie’s which we try to watch every weekend (both shows) if possible. This weekend, we learned that the main host of the program, Cristopher Kimball, enjoys a particular variety of black tea known as Lapsang Souchong. Of course since Mr. Kimball enjoyed the stuff, I figured I would absolutely revel in it’s black tea goodness right?

So that evening we went shopping at the local Wegman’s to get some fruits and on top of noticing how much cheaper food is there when compared to our local mega mart, I ran by the tea isle and noticed that Twinings makes a version of that particular tea. So I picked it up on top of some of that nifty pomegranate juice I’ve been hearing so much about lately. We make it back home and try out the pomegranate juice and I’d have to admit that it’s some pretty tasty stuff, though after looking at the nutrition label I won’t be having much more of that anytime soon. Can you believe that it has (if I recall correctly) a whopping 46 grams of sugar per serving and it’s a TWO serving bottle? Hell, there’s less in the Snapple I weaned myself off than what’s in that bottle. No thanks, I’ll just stick to buying the fruit from now on to get my poppy red goodness.

Anyway, about an hour ago while enjoying the hilarious antics of Mike Rowe and some sea snakes on Dirty Jobs, I figured I’d give that tea a shot. Now, I immediately knew I was in trouble when I removed the plastic wrap on the box of tea because it literally smelled like a burnt out camp fire. I opened the box and that smell hit me like a ton of bricks, so much so that my stomach started doing some weird tumbling thing. Anyway, I bought it so had to at least taste it once right? I nuked the water, popped in the tea bag and let that bitch brew for a good three minutes. I proceeded to taste it and let me tell you, I now know what smoke would taste like if it were in a liquid form. That stuff was revolting! I foolishly attempted to muscle down another swig of the stuff and I tossed the remains down the drain.

Oddly enough, my roomie digs the stuff…

I’m putting that bad boy up there with raw sea urchin as some of the “acquired taste” foods that I need to acclimate myself with in the very very distant future.

At least this lovely merlot I am drinking now is getting that awful smoke taste out of my mouth.