Oh stewardess, I speak jive

So here I am, chillin with a glass of some pretty damn good tasting sparkling wine courtesy of my friend Tasha whom just happened to ship a bottle of this stuff from Florida for Christmas. Not really doing much other than chatting with some friends on Yahoo! and ripping some more of my CDs to my machine as mp3s for nice and easy access. Just got to the O’s and right now, some Live Ozzy Osbourne tracks are making their presence known on my hard drives. I think they’re cheering to be honest with you because honestly, what better than Ozzy to make your day better right?

Speaking of Ozzy, do they still play that TV show about the family on MTV? I used to love watching it just to see how Ozzy behaved. Then again it was kind of sad seeing what all of those years of druggin’ and drinkin’ did to the poor chap. Does his wife also have that talk show as well? I never saw it, but I heard it wasn’t too bad of a show.

Ok, so I want to show you something that I found… You may not understand the language, but I am sure you will understand what it is they are attempting to peddle to the public:

Interesting Spanish commercial

Soooooo… Ummm, yeah…

Seriously folks, would any of you place a slug on to your skin so that the slime would make it look younger?

Ahhh, what we do in the name of beauty.