Music makes the world go round

Small image of Shirley MansonYou know I forgot how hot the lead singer of Garbage, Shirley Manson is. Is that band even still around or did they, like many of those old great bands of the 90s, just split up or call it quits? I was chatting with one of my friends recently about how I just can’t get into most of today’s “rock” bands because there’s just something missing with them to me. Who knows, it might just be old age talking here but when listening to the local rock stations, I can’t believe how whiny most of today’s crap is. Sure, some of it is halfway decent, but when compared with something like:

Tell me she wouldn’t make a pretty good Bond girl with that awesome retro look of hers!

I don’t know… Things today just seem so lacking. Eh well, I’ll just continue trolling YouTube for some of my old faves of that decade and share some of them with you.